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Ben Affleck lashes out at Jennifer Garner


Ben Affleck lashes out at Jennifer Garner


Rumors are swirling around Ben Affleck and his ex-wife Jennifer Garner’s relationship.

In a recent article by Us Weekly, a source claims to know the real reason why Affleck lashed out at Garner.

According to the source, Affleck is “sick and tired of all her criticisms.”

Although Affleck received backlash for speaking negatively about his marriage to Garner, the source said he doesn’t regret it.

The source also stated that Affleck is unafraid of any fallout from the interview because he is now with Jennifer Lopez. According to the insider, Lopez allows Affleck to make mistakes without lecturing him like Garner did.

The source added that Lopez is more laid back compared to Garner and doesn’t have a problem with Affleck gambling in Las Vegas, which was a strict no for Garner.

The source also claimed that Garner wants Affleck to seek help at a facility and attend therapy with her to improve their co-parenting relationship.

However, Affleck allegedly refused Garner’s suggestions.

The rumored feud between Affleck and Garner is said to be due to their different personalities.

Garner is known to be strict, while Lopez is more relaxed.

However, the two Jennifers are not at odds with each other, and rumors of their supposed feud are just hearsay.

The alleged fighting between Affleck and Garner, which was caught by paparazzi, is still unclear.

However, photos of the two also showed them chatting and smiling during the same outing, suggesting that they didn’t part ways while they were upset with each other.

Affleck and Lopez rekindled their romance earlier this year, and their relationship has been making headlines since then.

The two previously dated in the early 2000s and were engaged before calling it quits. However, they have been spotted together several times recently, indicating that they are back together.

According to sources close to the couple, Affleck and Lopez are very much in love and are planning their future together.

“Ben is in a great place with Jen and is really happy. They are both excited about the future and what it holds,” a source said.

Despite the rumors surrounding their relationship, Affleck and Lopez have been spotted together several times recently, and they appear to be going strong.

Garner and Affleck were married for 10 years before they announced their separation in 2015.

The couple has three children together and has been co-parenting since their split.

Garner has been open about her struggles with Affleck’s addiction issues and has been supporting him throughout his journey to sobriety.

In a recent interview, she said that she is proud of him for seeking help and that they are focused on co-parenting their children.

Affleck has been open about his addiction issues in the past and has sought treatment multiple times.

He recently celebrated one year of sobriety, and sources say that he is committed to staying on track.

Despite their differences, Affleck and Garner have maintained a cordial relationship and have been co-parenting their children together.

They have been spotted together at several events, including their children’s school events, and have been seen chatting and laughing together.

As for the rumored feud between Garner and Lopez, there is no evidence to suggest that the two are at odds.

In fact, sources say that they have never interacted with each other, and rumors of their supposed feud are just baseless rumors.

In conclusion, the rumors surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s relationship are just that – rumors.

While the couple may have their differences, they have maintained a cordial relationship and are focused on co-parenting their children.

Similarly, there is no evidence to suggest that there is any bad blood between Garner and Lopez, and their rumored feud is just hearsay.

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