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Amber Heard has no future in Hollywood: Agent says

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Amber Heard has no future in Hollywood: Agent says


Amber Heard’s acting future appears to be in jeopardy due to her deceitful behavior and antics, according to a Hollywood producer who claims she has alienated herself from the industry.

The name of Amber Heard is echoing through the hills of Hollywood, and it’s not a pleasant sound.

Producers may be considering blacklisting Amber Heard after her recent actions, signaling the potential end of her acting career.

A seasoned film industry insider shared with us in an explosive email, “That woman’s words cannot be trusted.”

They are convinced that Amber Heard’s time in the spotlight is over.

“She’s a chronic liar and expert manipulator, and Hollywood is starting to realize that,” they continued.


Reports suggest that the film industry is distancing itself from Amber Heard, a marginal actress and fortune-seeking divorcee, due to her untrustworthiness.

As further details emerge about the Aquaman actress’ alleged lies regarding the abuse she claims to have suffered while married to her ex-husband, Johnny Depp, the entertainment world is casting doubt on her accusations.

Amber Heard’s acting career is finished, says Hollywood insider.

The email states that Amber Heard would often arrive on set late and under the influence, causing friction with fellow cast members and crew.

During the filming of a now-released, but unnamed Amber Heard movie, the 35-year-old actress from Austin, Texas, allegedly tried to undermine the project after the director confronted her about her tardiness and alcohol consumption.

The email read, “She threatened to destroy the director’s career, I assume by fabricating allegations against him.”

In 2016, Amber Heard avoided a deposition by American Psycho producer Christopher Hanley, who accused her of breaching a contract and interfering with the film’s production in an apparent attempt to sabotage it.

According to the lawsuit, Amber Heard also failed to appear in multiple scenes, including a romantic love scene.

She made numerous excuses to dodge being deposed.

In a court filing, plaintiff’s attorney Mathew Rosengart wrote, “She postponed her deposition many times, providing various justifications, including attending an engagement party in New Jersey and flying to London for a costume fitting, not returning until June 17, 2016.”

“Yet, days later, she signed a declaration under penalty of perjury in Los Angeles on June 13 and was photographed in West Hollywood on June 16, 2016.”

The source alleges that Amber Heard coerced London Fields director, Michael Cullen, to cancel the film’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival and sue the producer for “accusing them [Cullen and Amber] of fraud.”

Amber Heard then countersued Christopher Hanley for using a body double in an intimate scene, claiming it breached her contract. Hanley settled the countersuit out of court for an unspecified sum.

Despite exceeding its USD$8 million budget by an additional 4 million, London Fields, starring Amber Heard, is considered one of the worst films in cinematic history.

With a 0 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, critics have panned Amber Heard for delivering one of the weakest performances of her career.

Even her fans couldn’t stomach her acting, with one saying, “I wanted to like it, but it was just awful. While I love Amber Heard, she completely ruined the femme fatale role, and the entire film seemed like a drug-induced vanity project with no sober editing or directing to fix the countless cringe-worthy scenes. She makes for pretty scenery, and that’s about it. As for the others, well, they all tried.”

In much of the film, Amber Heard appears intoxicated, with constricted pupils and bloodshot eyes. She frequently stumbles and slurs her words, as she seems unsteady on her feet.

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