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Megan Fox looks totally different as She Transforms into “Devil’s Daughter”


Megan Fox looks totally different as She Transforms into “Devil’s Daughter”


Megan Fox stunned her fans when she revealed a fantastic new look in preparation of her new part in the forthcoming movie Johnny & Clyde. Megan has altered her hair color and is now wearing it in an entirely different style.

Megan Fox showed off grey hair on Friday as she prepared to shoot a new movie Credit: Instagram

The actress posted a photo of her makeover to Instagram with the caption, “This is what the devil’s daughter looks like. #JohnnyAndClyde. Coming Spring 2022 .” Megan’s hair is now silvery-white platinum with a smudge root, cascading beyond her shoulders in beautiful waves, replacing her characteristic dark brown. While her hair has made her practically unrecognizable, Megan’s makeup remains classic: strong brows, lined eyes, and big, pink lips.

The 35-year-old star is known for her glossy brunette locks Credit: Getty

In the new picture, the actress, who made her horror film debut in 2009 with the comedy Jennifer’s Body, plays a criminal leader named Alana Hart. The film Johnny & Clyde centers on two titular serial killers who are passionately in love and intend to loot a rich casino owned by Fox’s character and guarded by a demonic slayer that she commands, with the title inspired by the real-life “Bonnie and Clyde” criminal duo.

After seeing the makeover on the 35-year-old actor’s Instagram page, fans were split, with some praising the new appearance and others wishing she’d go back to her brunette roots.


“This better be a wig or I am suing whoever did this to you Queen,” one remarked.

“I’m voting for the dark😘,” commented another.

“The only person that can literally have any hair color and killl itt🔥,” a third added. Megan looks just as gorgeous when she’s blonde as she does when she’s brunette, so the platinum hair isn’t likely to stick around for long.

Director and co-writer Tom DeNucci told Bloody Disgusting, “Megan’s character is very dark. I don’t want to give away too much, but visually we wanted her to almost be like a Disney princess, but a messed up, very dark, twisted version of that. Her look is just incredible…this kind of almost evil princess character. I went into a weird kind of Disney path. A lot of that vintage Disney stuff was kind of dark, you know?”

He went on to say, “I think horror fans can look forward to a Megan Fox that nobody has ever seen before. I’m not gonna say anything, but there’s something very different about her characteristically, in her appearance, that she’s never attempted to put out there before. A very bold performance by Megan, just something that she really, really leaned into. She bought into this philosophy, all this preparation that we’ve been doing, she really bought into it. It was a pleasure to work with Megan, and we can’t wait to showcase this character that she brought to the table.”

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