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Royal staff list posted online

Queen Elizabeth visited a aircraft carrier named in her honor in Portsmouth, England, on Saturday. WPA Pool/Getty Images


Royal staff list posted online


Rarely seen records revealing who served Britain’s monarchs will be made public for the first time online.

They contain 50,000 records dating from King Charles II’s reign through King George V’s reign between 1660 and 1924.

The royal family is led by Queen Elizabeth, who, at 95, is quite fussy about how things are done in her house. She’s old-fashioned, highly formal, and averse to change, so her royal staff is bound by regulations, some of which are more bizarre than others.

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the history of the Royal Household in the United Kingdom has mostly been one of reorganization in order to attain greater efficiency. Previously, there was a lot of overlap and uncertainty in the roles of the many departments. In 1844, the prince consort attempted a major reform of the household, resulting in significant savings and the abolition of several sinecures and other abuses. King Edward VII and future monarchs made more adjustments.

The Royal Household of a reigning monarch was normally made up of 1,000 people. The largest department was Lord Chamberlain’s, which had an average of 700 employees and was in charge of ceremonial and social activities.

The household in the twentieth century was largely the same as it had been previously. The lord chamberlain, lord steward, and master of the horse remained the important officials. Until 1924, the prime minister appointed these three officers. In effect, they have been selected by the sovereign on the condition that they do not vote against the current administration. The household’s treasurer, comptroller, and vice-chamberlain are always members of the House of Commons. These roles, like the lords in waiting, captains of the Corps of Gentlemen at Arms, and Yeomen of the Guard, are political in character and vary with the administration. The sovereign makes all other appointments in the household.


According to Forbes, the Queen employs over 1,000 people, including maids, footmen, valets, cooks, and others, and everyone has their own set of regulations. For one thing, many people reside on-site at the palace, where their meals are also provided for free. In exchange, they are not highly compensated. According to Express, when the palace hired a butler in 2011, the annual salary was roughly $18,400. A dishwashing job opening in 2016 earned the equivalent of $20,850.

The collection will assist individuals in determining whether their family were hired by monarchs in roles ranging from ordinary to unique, such as Chocolate Maker to the Queen and Keeper of the Lions in the Tower.

To commemorate the Queen’s diamond jubilee, family history website, in collaboration with the Royal Archives, is making the Royal Household employee lists available online for the first time.

The records include information about employees such as their name, occupation, age, duration of service, and income, and they include royal homes around the United Kingdom, including Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and St James’s Palace.

Not everyone is as keen on having servants as the Queen – or Prince Charles, who reputedly employs them for almost every duty. When Kate Middleton and Prince William married, it was rumored that they did not intend to keep any domestic workers in their house for serving and other duties. They wanted to be able to handle on their own as much as possible as a very modern pair.

“Professional historians have long had access to these records,” the specialist on Royal Household officials noted, “but now ordinary citizens from around the world have the opportunity to track down ancestors here.”

“Even I, an American of German and Mexican descent, found a namesake: one George Buckholtz, livery pony boy, undoubtedly part of the German contingent serving at the later Hanoverian court.”

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