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Queen will not walk alone after Prince Philip’s death as senior royals will be her side


Queen will not walk alone after Prince Philip’s death as senior royals will be her side


Following the loss of her loving husband of 73 years, the Queen will not be left to “walk alone.”

According to reports, senior royals would be by her side during future public appearances since her husband of 73 years’ death “left a huge void”

Her Majesty has always had her “strength and stay,” the duke, at her side since she became head of state in 1953.

Among those rallying behind the queen will be Prince William and Kate Middleton.

When the two weeks of formal mourning end on April 22, Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William, and Kate Middleton will accompany her.

The Queen, who says Prince Philip’s death on Friday has left a “huge void” in her life, will fulfill as many obligations as possible after the two weeks of formal mourning finish on April 22 – the day after her 95th birthday.


Although Her Majesty has always performed solo engagements, and has done so more often since her husband’s retirement, it is believed that the family is making a deliberate effort to support her.

According to one insider who spoke to the Daily Mail: “The Duke of Edinburgh is irreplaceable and the Queen’s dedication to duty is undiminished.

“But senior officials and members of the family have long had an eye on ensuring she is more supported in the future and it seems sensible to start employing this now.”

‘If one parent dies the children – and in this case, grandchildren – all step up and fill in in different ways. No single individual could ever take place of the Duke of Edinburgh, but just maybe all of them coming together will fill some of the space he has left behind.’ said another.

According to insiders last night, there has always been a long-term strategy – looking forward to the monarch’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and beyond – to guarantee the Queen has a member of her family with her on big public excursions.

According to a third source: “The long-term planning has long been that she should have a member of the Royal Family with her as well whenever possible or appropriate. It’s a question now of bringing that forward slightly.

“If you look back at the pandemic, much of the work of the Royal Family has already been led by Prince Charles, Camilla, Prince William and Catherine.

“It is very practical way of supporting the Queen. Her Majesty really values that and doesn’t take it for granted. That will continue.

“But we will see senior family members take up more investitures and some of the more physically burdensome duties the Queen has, as well as going out and about with her when she leaves a royal residence.”

Another senior member of the Royal Household claimed there was a “real difference” between the Queen when she went on a royal engagement alone and when Prince Philip joined her.

‘When he was around, she was always so much more happier and relaxed. There was a real sparkle about her,’ the source said.

‘Because they had an old-fashioned kind of relationship, it was easy to project or assume what it would be like. But it wasn’t cold at all. They has such a tenderness and love and respect for one other. His passing is a huge, huge loss.

‘So it makes perfect sense that other members of her immediate family move into that role.’

One of the Queen’s first duties when she returns to work is expected to be to preside over the state opening of Parliament on May 11.

According to sources, the busy queen will still attend the ceremony and give her yearly Queen’s Speech to MPs on May 11, accompanied by her son Charles.

Prince Andrew remarked of his father’s death in the Royal Chapel of All Saints at Royal Lodge in Windsor, “The Queen, as you would expect, is an incredibly stoic person.”

‘She described his passing as a miracle and she’s contemplating, I think is the way that I would put it.

‘She described it as having left a huge void in her life but we, the family, the ones that are close, are rallying round to make sure that we’re there to support her.’

The Queen called Mr Johnson on the phone on Saturday, the day after her husband died at the age of 99, according to the Court Circular.

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