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Amber Heard felt she was ‘above the law’, Former Assistant Tells Court

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Amber Heard felt she was ‘above the law’, Former Assistant Tells Court


Amber Heard’s former assistant has stated that when working for the star, she felt she was “above the law,” as she phrased it.

Kate James, who was sacked by Heard in February 2015, stated that she “did not care about throwing anyone under the bus, if it meant saving her own skin.”

Almost every detail of Depp and Heard’s tumultuous legal battle is now public knowledge. Following the actor’s trial last week against News Group Newspapers, the firm that represented the newspaper that labeled him a “wife-beater,” a slew of fresh intimate information about their brief marriage began spreading online. For one thing, violent and aggressive conduct appears to have been a continuous source of contention in their relationship, although those closest to the couple all believe that it was largely Heard’s fault.

The newspaper’s article said that J.K. Rowling should not have rehired Depp as Grindlewald in the Fantastic Beasts film after the claims made against him by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

James said she was requested by Heard in September 2014 to deliver a letter the actress had prepared to Homeland Security officers in the US concerning a lady called Savannah McMillan, in her first witness statement given to the court in Johnny Depp’s libel lawsuit against The Sun tabloid.

In her written statement, James explained:


“Savannah, a British citizen, had been held in immigration and questioned about the frequency that she had been coming and going from the USA. In Amber’s letter, she called it fraudulent that it was being alleged that Savannah was working for Amber unlawfully. She (Ms Heard) said that, as Savannah’s ‘friend,’ she could ‘say truthfully and unequivocally that this allegation is entirely false… I would like to go on the record saying that Savannah McMillan is a personal friend, and to my knowledge, has never worked unlawfully or otherwise in the United States. Or for me.’”

In her statement, Ms James said she “knew this to be untrue” and that “Amber was therefore wilfully lying to the US immigration department”

She then attached a copy of the letter as well as a paycheck from Heard to McMillan to her statement.

This isn’t the first time Heard has broken the law, according to reports. She also sneaked pets into Australia on purpose, disregarding James and the actor’s estate manager.

Kate said, “As in several circumstances which I observed, it was as if she felt that she was above the law.”

She stated she tried to speak with Heard about a date discrepancy in the time required for the dogs’ immigration procedure, but her eyes “would glaze over and she would walk away.”

Ms James said she had been briefed of a meeting in which Ms Heard discussed requesting Mr Murphy to submit a statement supporting Ms Heard’s claim that “she (Ms Heard) did not know the dogs were not ready to be taken into Australia”

The witness statement said: “The fact that she was willing to ask me to sign such a statement under oath… is a reflection of her approach to me… in general. She did not care about throwing anyone under the bus, if it meant saving her own skin.”

As the evidence mounts, the newspaper will find it difficult to defend their stance as the trial progresses, which is fortunate because the result of the trial will have a significant impact on Johnny Depp’s future in the Pirates series.

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