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Salma Hayek thought her husband was having an affair


Salma Hayek thought her husband was having an affair


Salma Hayek had a funny yet stressful experience when she thought her husband, French billionaire François-Henri Pinault, was cheating on her.

Hayek shared the story on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, explaining that the misunderstanding occurred about a year ago.

Pinault had mentioned to Hayek that he was going to hire a dialect coach to get rid of his accent before Hayek, who has lived in the United States for 67 years.

However, Pinault never brought up the topic again, leading Hayek to assume he hadn’t followed through with it.

But a few days ago, Hayek saw a message on Pinault’s phone from a woman named Elena.

In her best “other woman” voice, Hayek impersonated the text, saying: “Hi, this is Elena, if you want to improve your English, you have to practice, do you want to practice now?”

Hayek, who is from Mexico, admitted: “I’m Mexican, you know it doesn’t go well.”

She went on to say: “I was so furious and I said well obviously she’s desperate, he’s not calling her you know, should I say something? I trust him, I won’t say anything.”

However, four hours later, Hayek confronted Pinault about the message, saying: “Who the hell is Elena!”

Pinault claimed he had no idea who the woman was, but Hayek wasn’t satisfied.

She told him: “You tell that Elena that I speak English and you can practice your English with me because she sent you a message.”

It took some time, but the couple eventually figured out that the message actually came from a language app called ELSA that Pinault had downloaded.

Hayek jokingly concluded: “But don’t get it because his French accent is still very strong, so ELSA doesn’t work.”

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