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Hugh Jackman speaks out about quitting Wolverine


Hugh Jackman speaks out about quitting Wolverine


Hugh Jackman’s decision to leave behind the role of Wolverine in the X-Men franchise after the release of James Mangold’s Logan was a difficult and complex one.

The actor had spent nearly two decades playing the character and the thought of leaving it behind was both exciting and nerve-wracking.

In a recent interview, Jackman opened up about the moment he made the decision to leave the franchise and said, “The moment I had the thought, I was super charged, super excited, absolutely sure I wouldn’t play it again and very nervous, because it’s 17 years.”

One of the main reasons for Jackman’s decision to leave the role of Wolverine was to exit the X-Men franchise with some creative energy still left in him.

He had a conversation with comedian Jerry Seinfeld prior to making the decision and Seinfeld advised him to walk away before overstaying his welcome in a given project.

The actor also explained that a big part of his decision to walk away from the role involved envisioning a dark and grim movie in the spirit of The Wrestler or Unforgiven.


He said, “I went home and I said to Deb on my way home in a cab, I said, ‘This is the last one.’ She goes, ‘What?’ I said, ‘I just know this is the last one.'”

“And I woke up the next morning with this very strong idea, which Jim Mangold and I had been working on, of treating it not like a comic book movie in any way.

“Treating him not like a superhero, but as a human being who’s lived a life of violence. And let’s make a movie about the ramifications of violence.”

Logan, the last Wolverine movie, delivers on Jackman’s vision of a hard-R world that does not shy away from the consequences of violence.

The film has been praised for its raw and gritty portrayal of the character and it seems that Hugh Jackman went out on a high note.

The actor also revealed that he was feeling nervous before the release of the movie, but he had a good feeling about it.

He said, “I was nervous, but I had a good feeling. I think it’s a good film, and I think it’s a good ending. And I think it’s a good ending for the character, and I think it’s a good ending for me.”

Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine has been widely praised by both fans and critics alike, and his decision to leave the role was a difficult one.

But, it was also a creative one, driven by the desire to give the character a fitting and satisfying ending.

The Wolverine franchise has been a significant part of Jackman’s career and the actor’s decision to leave the role behind was not an easy one.

But, it was ultimately the right one, as it allowed him to explore new opportunities and gave Wolverine the ending it deserved.

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