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How Lindsay Lohan threw her assistant under the bus


How Lindsay Lohan threw her assistant under the bus


While you’ll be happy to know that this Mean Girls scene didn’t become a real-life crime on Lindsay Lohan’s rap sheet, her former assistant probably wasn’t happy when she landed him in some serious hot water.

While filming Liz & Dick and The Canyons, Lindsay asked her BFF Gavin Doyle to work as her assistant.

But Doyle soon realized that working for the former child star was “grueling” and “uncomfortable.”

Gavin stuck it out for a while, but the real nail in the coffin was hammered in when Lindsay drove Gavin to lunch – even though she wasn’t meant to be driving due to her previous run-ins with the law.

Her reckless driving caused them to crash into an 18-wheeler, and it wasn’t long before the police turned up.

However, Lindsay knew she couldn’t admit to breaking her probation rules, so she told the police that Gavin was driving instead.


This led to Gavin being arrested and charged with a DUI, despite the fact that he had been sober at the time of the accident.

He was forced to spend the night in jail and was left with a criminal record that has since affected his ability to find work.

When Gavin confronted Lindsay about her actions, she allegedly brushed him off and told him that he should be grateful for the opportunity to work for her.

Gavin, however, saw it as a betrayal and has since cut ties with the actress.

This is not the first time Lindsay has been accused of treating her assistants poorly.

In the past, she has been accused of not paying them on time, and even of withholding their passports to keep them from leaving.

These accusations have not been confirmed, but they do paint a picture of an actress who is not always easy to work for.

Lindsay’s public image has already taken a hit in recent years, and this latest incident is unlikely to help.

The actress has struggled with addiction and legal problems for much of her adult life, and she has been in and out of rehab several times.

She has also had a number of run-ins with the law, including several DUIs.

This latest incident, however, seems to be a new low. Not only did Lindsay put her assistant in a dangerous situation, but she also left him to take the fall for her own mistakes.

This is not the behavior of a responsible adult, and it is not the behavior of a role model.

It is time for Lindsay to take a long, hard look at herself and her actions. She needs to take responsibility for her own mistakes and stop putting the people around her in harm’s way.

She needs to start treating the people who work for her with respect and dignity, and she needs to start acting like the adult she is supposed to be.

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