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Julia Roberts Called Her Co-Star ‘Completely disgusting’, Refused Kiss

Nick and Julia starred alongside each other in 1994 (Image: Getty)


Julia Roberts Called Her Co-Star ‘Completely disgusting’, Refused Kiss


Julia Roberts has appeared in a number of well-known films over the years, including Pretty Woman, Notting Hill, and Erin Brockovich, to name a few, but chances are you haven’t seen this one. Roberts co-starred in I Love Trouble alongside Nick Nolte in 1994, a romantic comedy about two competitive newspaper reporters forced to work together after they discover a conspiracy. While their characters were able to set their issues aside, Roberts and Nolte were unable to do so. On set, the actors didn’t get along, and both ended up criticizing each other in interviews.

Julia and Nick portrayed two rival Chicago newspaper reporters who teamed up to solve the mystery of a railway disaster and fell in love in the process.

Nick labelled Julia “not a nice person” (Image: Getty)

Roberts, on the other hand, apparently had a less-than-romantic time shooting I Love Trouble, owing to a rift with her on-screen love partner, Nick Nolte. In fact, it’s said that Roberts was adamant about not kissing her co-star, and the two actors didn’t make up in the years afterwards.

According to The Telegraph, Nick and Julia’s “mutual distaste translated into a distinct lack of on-screen chemistry,” causing them to “shoot some of their scenes separately.”

Julia Roberts spoke up about Nick Nolte in a startling interview with The New York Times in 1993, around the time I Love Trouble was published, throwing more than a few hints about her connection with her co-star. “From the moment I met him we sort of gave each other a hard time,” Roberts said in the interview. “And naturally we get on each other’s nerves.” Nolte, according to Roberts, is “completely disgusting” and “seems to go out of his way to repel people.”

Roberts didn’t go into detail about how Nolte was “disgusting” to her during the film, but it’s reasonable to infer she didn’t want to kiss him. According to Us Weekly, Nolte was underwhelmed by Roberts’ assessment of him and allegedly reacted, “It’s not nice to call someone ‘disgusting.’ But she’s not a nice person. Everyone knows that.”

According to insiders, Nolte and Roberts did not get along on set, according to the Los Angeles Times in 1994. Roberts was irritated by Nolte’s “machismo” and insulted him, and Nolte did things to irritate Roberts even more. According to sources, they acted more with stand-ins than with each other.

At the time, Nolte’s spokesperson said that the performers had just minor quarrels, as is common of co-stars. “We had great, um, high-spirited needling of each other, trying to get a rise out of each other,” Roberts told Entertainment Weekly around the same time.

Roberts made an appearance on The Late Show in 2009, portraying a co-star who became enraged during a scene. She imitated the actor’s voice and said, “What the [expletive] is that? Did you not [expletive] hear me? You don’t know what you’re talking about!” OK! The person Roberts was alluding to, according to Magazine, was Nolte.

Julia, who has acted in a number of Hollywood hits like Pretty Woman and Notting Hill, has recently claimed that she was bad company as she rose through the ranks of Hollywood.

“I was my priority, a selfish little brat running around making movies,” she stated in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar UK.

Julia has had a number of run-ins with coworkers during the course of her four-decade employment.

Steven Speilberg was asked on 60 Minutes whether he would ever work with Julia again after working with her on the 1991 picture “Hook.”

He replied: “No. It was not a great time for Julia and I to be working together.”


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