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How Jason Momoa’s Mom Influenced His Career


How Jason Momoa’s Mom Influenced His Career


Actor Jason Momoa is well-known for his tough-guy roles in movies and TV shows such as “Aquaman,” “Duncan Idaho,” and “Khal Drogo.”

However, in real life, Momoa is a devoted father and a loyal son who has a close relationship with his mother, Coni Momoa.

Momoa has shown his love for his mother on social media, posting pictures of them together and giving her shoutouts.

In fact, he once even brought Coni to meet Julia Roberts and has the pictures to prove it.

Momoa grew up with his mother in Norwalk, Iowa, where she raised him as a single mother after she and his father separated.

During his childhood, Momoa struggled to fit in as he was a skateboarder in a town where everyone else was a wrestler or football player.


He also spent summers with his father on the island of Oahu, but he didn’t fit in there either.

Given the amount of time he spent with his mother, it’s not surprising that he takes after her in many ways.

In the short film “Canvas of My Life” by Carhartt, Momoa describes being raised by his mother Coni in a touching way. “I was raised by a strong single mother,” he said.

“My mom’s an artist in every way. She’s a painter, a photographer. She’s a wanderer, always searching, always seeing. I guess you could say my mom gave me her eyes.”

This sense of adventure has certainly served Momoa well in his life, as he has had the opportunity to learn pastels in Paris and practice Buddhism in Tibet, thanks to his mother’s openness and encouragement.

Momoa’s mother has had a big influence on his life, and not just in terms of his appreciation for art and travel.

In an interview with Men’s Journal, Momoa talked about his struggles after his stint on “Game of Thrones,” when he was out of work and deep in debt.

However, thanks to his mother’s influence, he was able to keep seeing the good in things and eventually landed several iconic roles.

Recently, Momoa finished filming the final season of Apple TV+’s hit show “See.” The show had a big impact on him, and after filming the final scene, Momoa felt the need to call his mother, Coni.

In an interview with Collider, Momoa described how he had a difficult time getting through the final shoot for his character, Baba Voss, and ended up calling his mother to “cry to my mom” and share his disappointment.

However, with the support of his mother and a friend who also loved the show, Momoa was able to get through it.


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