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Astrologers predict Meghan Markle’s year ahead on 40th birthday

Members of the royal family celebrated Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday Wednesday. BACKGRID


Astrologers predict Meghan Markle’s year ahead on 40th birthday


On Meghan Markle’s 40th birthday, three astrologers predicted how her star sign and birth chart would affect her year ahead.

Meghan Markle will be more focused on her family life and what type of parent she wants to be as the mother of two children — son Archie, 2, and daughter Lilibet, born in June 2021 (via People), according to one astrologer. “The healing power of motherhood is what strikes me when looking at Megan Markle’s horoscope,” Francesca Oddie, a U.K.-based astrologer, told the Daily Mail. In fact, the birth of her daughter will cause Markle to reconsider her life and any adjustments she wishes to make.

“Meghan’s birth chart is dominated by the elements fire and air,” Valerie Mesa, a Miami-based clairvoyant-astrologer, tells indy100. “Fire has everything to do with one’s courage, and the way we take action towards the things we’re most passionate about. Air is symbolic of the mental process, and the way one communicates. It’s about the facts and the logic of the situation.”

“It’s no wonder she is so brave and fiercely determined when it comes to speaking her truth,” Mesa continues. “She is an incredibly passionate and righteous human being, who prefers to take action, especially if that means making a difference. The element fire can also validate her experience in the entertainment industry, considering it was her career before marrying into the royal family.”

“Transiting Chiron, the wounded healer, is on her MC and this makes me think that she is reflecting deeply on how she interfaces with the world, her childhood but also how she wants to mother,” explains Oddie. “How does she want her daughter to see her? Fresh love is incredibly motivating and can be a catalyst to live a different life.”

In terms of entertainment, Mesa claims that “the presence of both the Sun and Mercury in her first house is pretty much equivalent to being born with a spotlight over her head and a microphone in her hand.” This means that, in addition to her Libra moon’s justice-seeking mentality, “she speaks from the heart despite the discomfort that may come with it.” This reminds me of her Oprah interview, in which she disclosed some frightening details about her time in the palace.”


Speaking of her personality, astrologer Odie noted: ‘Born in the sign of Leo, Meghan is warm hearted, commanding and uber confident who definitely wears the trousers in her marriage. She is very good at making things happen and will not take no for an answer.

‘She needs to learn to slow down more as she approaches 40, to not feel like she has to always be in the driving seat. She has a lot of orange hues around her aura, its a very creative and fertile colour.

‘It’s the sign of independence and not being bound by restriction, she doesn’t follow rules and will always command her own life.

‘She leads, she does not follow. It’s also makes her a warm mother and carer to others, there is warmth in her heart and she wants to make a difference in the world.’

And astrologer Francesca Oddie in the United Kingdom believes Markle will write another book this year, this time focusing on her connection with daughter Lilibet. “Transiting Mars is on her Natal Ceres in Virgo, this also repeats the idea that the style of parenting, nurturing, and healthcare that Megan focuses on will be something that she is considering deeply at the moment,” Oddie told the Daily Mail. “The food, products, and lifestyle choices she makes for herself and her baby will be of great interest. Virgo is very focused on diet, health, and daily routines. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Megan spoke, wrote, or shared some ideas on what mothering her daughter means for her.”

According to Mesa, Meghan’s Cancer Ascendant — or “rising” — is also suggestive of her time in the palace. “Markle’s Cancer Rising—ruled by the moon—[means that] part of her divine mission on the planet has to do with ancestral themes and matters of the home, family, and one’s sense of nurture. This, again, resonates with her challenging times in the palace, where she had no choice but to ‘mother herself’ and consider the safety of her child.

“Cancer is in harmony with her Uranus in Scorpio…This validates her powerful intuition, her inner rebel, and her karmic duty when it came to breaking her silence. Because in the eyes of the royal family, she did a very “taboo-like” thing, [like a Scorpio].”

According to astrologer Nicolas Aujula, Markle has no intentions to slow down when it comes to charitable activities. “Meghan will create awareness on growing hunger in the world, hunger will become a global problem,” he told the Daily Mail. “She will champion women’s rights, especially education for young girls.”

And her humanitarian efforts may pave the way for a political future, with Aujula predicting that Markle “will continue grow into popularity in [the U.S.], she will eclipse Hollywood royalty to make her own place in history.”

“Meghan’s overall sense of belonging in the world has been top of mind with the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius. Fate has given her the opportunity to find peace in being part of a community where she can be authentically herself now that she’s living her new life in California with her family, as opposed to the restrictions and toxicity that came along with her fame once upon a time,” Mesa says.

“I dare to say, once the North Node reaches Taurus — between December 2022 and July 2023 — she will keep thriving as an entrepreneur, and perhaps reestablish or revolutionize her occupation in the world,” she continues. “This could even be something she’s already been working on behind the scenes, whether it be a lifestyle brand or something philanthropic.”

About her career,Francesca continued: ‘With Saturn still transiting her 7th house, her relationship with Harry may take on an even more professional role. There could be some challenges, but Saturn confers work in every sense of the word.

‘There are more shocks, changes and turnarounds coming for Meghan this year, but I think the professional capacity of Meghan was a woman and mother is about to be monetised, perhaps also with a philanthropic element to whatever she creates.’

According to astrologer Nicolas Aujula, Markle “might repair her relationship with Prince William and Kate this year.” However, the same cannot be said for the rift between Markle and Prince Charles, as Aujula told the Daily Mail that “she will always have a strained bond” with the future King of England.

Nicolas added: ‘Meghan will create awareness on growing hunger in the world, hunger will become a global problem. She will champion women’s rights, especially education for young girls.

‘She will continue grow into popularity in US, she will eclipse Hollywood royalty to make her own place in history… The world of politics will open up for her in coming years.’

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