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Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in The Morning Show season 2 Trailer

The series is gearing up to return (Picture: Apple TV)


Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon star in The Morning Show season 2 Trailer


Season 2 of The Morning Show is on the way – hallelujah!

Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon looked stunning as they reprised their roles for the popular US drama, and viewers got a peek of them.
The actresses are back for a second season of the popular drama, which follows a morning news anchor as she fights to save her job when her on-air colleague is sacked after 15 years due to a sexual misconduct incident.

The first season looked at the world of morning news via the eyes of two women, Jen An (Alex Levy) and Reese (Bradley Jackson), as they navigated issues at home and at work. The #MeToo movement, the power dynamic between men and women in the workplace, and claims against a well-known TV presenter were all discussed.

Alex stunned fans in the finale when he broke down live on-air and revealed how the network hushed up the controversy.

Reese is shown resting on her bed, looking concerned, in Apple TV+’s new multi-title teaser.

Jen’s character Alex strides across the newsroom, cheered by coworkers as she greets and grins at them in another first-look clip.


Later in the clip, Alex Levy can be seen strolling through her workplace, smiling and waving as her coworkers celebrate her.


“I’m begging you to come back to me,” Alex’s husband Jason (Jack Davenport) says following this scene.

However, she hasn’t made up her mind about whether she’s ready for a divorce, and she ran away from her troubles at the conclusion of season one – and Jason isn’t going down without a fight.

Alex and Bradley used their live TV platform at the conclusion of the season to try to bring down Fred Micklen (Tom Irwin) for covering up years of wrongdoing on the program.

Season 2 will focus on the consequences of Alex’s disclosure.



Jennifer piqued our interest in the second season of The Morning Show when she returned to set early this year and shared a behind-the-scenes photo with us.

The Covid-19 epidemic is also expected to be included in the show.

Jennifer previously told Deadline, “We had a good six or maybe seven outlines already done, and we were in the middle of shooting [episodes] one and two.”


“And then the COVID crisis happened… Now, Kerry [the creator] is back to the drawing board, and we are incorporating COVID in a way that is so exciting .”

Although little is known about season two’s story, we do know that it will focus on how workplaces evolve in the aftermath of a sexual misconduct lawsuit.

Cory Ellison, the UBA’s chief of news, is played by Billy Crudup, who told Entertainment Tonight: “Cory thrives in situations that he has to learn from and operate on his feet. And needless to say, the end of the season gave him a strong indication that things were going to change in pretty unpredictable ways,” he stated.


Meanwhile, a second season of the show was never in doubt, as Apple had ordered two seasons of the show from the start.

Fans have been captivated with the drama, just as they expected, so fingers crossed for further seasons.

Along with Billy Crudup and Mark Duplass, Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon, and Steve Carell will also return.

There will also be a few fresh faces. Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife), comedian Hasan Minhaj, Ruairi O’Connor (The Spanish Princess), and Greta Lee will join the main cast as news anchor Laura Peterson (Russian Doll).

The second season of the show began filming last year.

Before the epidemic, two episodes were shot.

We don’t have a specific debut date yet, but given that Apple TV just released a teaser video – which contains sneak peeks at other future series – we should expect one soon.

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