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Disney Faces Backlash after casting non-Arab actress Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin



Disney Faces Backlash after casting non-Arab actress Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine in Aladdin


After months of anticipation, Disney finally revealed the cast for its upcoming live-action version of Aladdin this weekend.

It was confirmed that Naomi Scott would play Princess Jasmine in Guy Ritchie’s adaptation of the 1992 cartoon film, alongside Menna Massoud as Aladdin and Will Smith as the Genie.

Despite all of the hype, many continue to criticize the studio’s choices. Disney is under backlash for casting a non-Arab woman in the role of Jasmine.

A number of critics have claimed that Hollywood producers see Arab and Indian performers as ‘interchangeable,’ casting them based on their skin color rather than their ethnicity.

Scott is of British, Ugandan, and Gujarati Indian ancestry, and gained to popularity as the Pink Ranger in this year’s Power Rangers remake.

“Could they really not find an Arabian girl to play the role of jasmine in Aladdin instead of a half White half Indian actress?” one Twitter user wondered.


“I love Naomi Scott but I don’t love the ‘brown people are interchangeable’ idea that hollywood believes in so it’s a no from me,” another user commented.

Someone else added: “All these Arab actresses on the planet and they cast half-white, half-Indian Naomi Scott as Jasmine. Indian isn’t middle-eastern, Hollywood.”

“Casting an indian as aladdin is like casting a japanese actress as mulan. they “look” the same but they’re f****** different,” one critic commented.

Some people wanted Jade Thirlwall of Little Mix to play Jasmine because her name had been associated with the role before, and she is of Egyptian and Yemeni heritage.

Other social media users, on the other hand, defended the decision, with one person responding: “You are complaining that Naomi Scott doesn’t have a brown-coloured skin to play as Princess Jasmine in. Will Smith ain’t Blue.”

Although Aladdin is set in the imaginary nation of Agrabah, it is thought that the country is in the Middle East.

Tom Hardy was compelled to deny rumors that he was being considered for the role of villain Jafar after a controversy over ‘whitewashing.’

Now that the cast for Aladdin has been cast, speculation is rife about who Disney will cast as the protagonists in Mulan, another future live-action film. It is focusing its casting hunt for that film on mainland China.

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