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Jaden Smith reveals his boyfriend

Jaden plays with gender in his clothes (Picture: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic)


Jaden Smith reveals his boyfriend


Tyler, the Creator has responded to Jaden Smith’s announcement that they are dating.

Smith made the declaration during a performance at a festival in California, with Tyler in the audience.

The 20-year-old son of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith addressed the crowd during his set at Camp Flog Naw, where he called Tyler “the best friend in the world”.

Smith then went on to say, “Tyler doesn’t wanna say, but Tyler is my motherf***ing boyfriend, and he’s been my motherf***ing boyfriend my whole motherf***ing life.

“It’s true! Tyler is my boyfriend.”

The moment was captured on video by a fan at the front of the stage and later posted online.


Smith even tweeted about it, saying, “Yup @tylerthecreator I told everyone you can’t deny it now.” Tyler, on the other hand, was seen laughing and shaking his head in the video.

He later replied to Smith’s tweet with, “Hahaha you a crazy n***a man.”

However, it is unclear whether the pair is actually dating or whether Smith was poking fun at speculation surrounding Tyler’s sexuality.

Tyler has been heavily criticized in the past for his use of the word “faggot” in his music.

But on his last album, Flower Boy, he discussed his sexuality in what appeared to be a breakthrough moment.

Since then, Tyler has been more open about his refusal to accept labels.

Smith, who recently released a new collaboration with Harry Hudson titled “Just Slide”, has also been relatively open in discussions of sexuality and is known for his androgynous fashion style.

It is possible that Smith was simply making a joke about Tyler’s sexuality or that the pair is actually dating.

Tyler has been known to keep his dating life private and has not confirmed or denied any rumors about his sexuality.

In a 2015 interview with Rolling Stone, he stated, “I like girls – I just end up f***ing their brother every time.”

Fans on social media had mixed reactions to Smith’s announcement.

Some were supportive of the potential relationship, while others were confused or skeptical.

One user wrote, “Jaden Smith just said that Tyler the Creator is his boyfriend.

“And I’m just here like…what?”

Smith and Tyler have been friends for many years, with Tyler even referring to Smith as his “little brother” in interviews.

They have collaborated on music in the past, with Tyler producing a track on Smith’s album Syre.

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