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Why Selena Gomez Told Paparazzi ‘You’re Scaring Me’



Why Selena Gomez Told Paparazzi ‘You’re Scaring Me’


People do not have the right to breach a celebrity’s privacy just because they were or are in a relationship with another celebrity. Last week, a paparazzo trailed Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse to their car, hounding them for confirmation of their relationship. (For the record, they both responded with non-answers indicating that the harassment was not acceptable.) Selena Gomez is the one being chased by the media this time, and her reaction exemplifies why people, regardless of their status, deserve to be left alone.

The ‘Bad Liar’ singer urges a swarm of paparazzi to keep away in a sad video recorded last Wednesday, telling them: ‘You’re scaring me.’

A mob of paparazzi swarms around Gomez as she exits a Starbucks in Newport Beach, California, in the 30-second footage. When a paparazzi tries to inquire about Gomez’s relationship with Justin Bieber, the singer asks the photographer to leave her alone for the day. Gomez concludes her message to the paparazzi by stating that they are “scaring” her and that she would like them to stop following her.

“Selena, is Justin just a little brother to you?” a papa questioned Selena.

“Do you guys mind – could I have the rest of the day? Because you’re kind of scaring me.”

However, the photographer tells the celebrity that there are several paparazzos in the area, causing the group to become ‘competitive’ in their attempts to shoot the star.


“OK, well, there’s other guys here, it’s competitive,” the paparazzo responds, to which Selena responds in hushed tones, “OK, sorry,” before going to her car.

If you’ve been photographing someone all morning, the decent thing to do is to respect their request for privacy.

The fact that the paparazzi profession is “competitive” is not a reason to invade or frighten someone’s privacy. We hope the paparazzi took Gomez’s warning to heart and decided not to follow her for the rest of the day.

Going into a bar and getting a drink is something that most of us, including Gomez, do on a regular basis, but in her situation, even running errands feels hard at times when she’s being followed. She may be a celebrity, but she is still a human being who needs to be treated with basic decency and respect, even if catching her on camera would help someone earn more money.

The singer-turned-actress’ run-in with the paparazzi coincides with Bieber’s flurry of Instagram posts showcasing his fitness obsession.

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