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Denzel Washington ‘studied to be a doctor’

Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington together during The 74th Annual Academy Awards in 2002 in Hollywood, California, United States | Photo by Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage


Denzel Washington ‘studied to be a doctor’



Actor Denzel Washington revealed in an interview with PopEater that he had aspirations to become a doctor before turning to acting.

He recounted that while in college, he took up an acting class as a way to easily obtain a good grade. This turned out to be the beginning of his journey towards becoming an actor.

Washington humorously revealed that he knew he had made it as an actor when he no longer had to sneak out of restaurants.

“When I didn’t have to sneak out of a restaurant. I could actually just pay. You never heard me say that,” he quipped.

Washington’s journey towards becoming a successful actor was not an easy one. Born in New York, he grew up in a working-class family in Mount Vernon.

He went to college at Fordham University, where he had his first brush with acting.

“I went to college to be a doctor,” he said.

“I just took a class in acting because they said you can get an easy and good grade in it and I just liked getting good grades easily. It’s still true!”

After college, Washington started his acting career in theater before moving on to television and film.

He has since become one of the most successful actors of his generation, winning two Academy Awards and starring in numerous critically acclaimed movies.

Despite his success, Washington has remained humble and grounded.

He is known for his philanthropic work and is actively involved in several charities. He has also been a spokesperson for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America for over two decades.

Washington’s latest project is the movie Unstoppable, which is set to be released on November 12 in the US and on November 24 in the UK.

The movie tells the story of a runaway train that poses a threat to a town, and the two men who try to stop it. Washington stars alongside Chris Pine in the movie.

Speaking about the movie, Washington said that it was a “thrill ride” and that audiences could expect a lot of excitement.

He also praised his co-star Pine, saying that he was “fantastic” to work with.

Washington is known for his versatility as an actor, having played a wide range of characters throughout his career.

He has also been praised for his ability to convey complex emotions and for his intense screen presence.

Despite his success, Washington has said that he still has a lot to learn as an actor.

“I’m still trying to figure it out,” he said. “I’m still trying to get better.”

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