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Mariah Carey demands to be carried by her staff


Mariah Carey demands to be carried by her staff


Mariah Carey, the renowned singer and songwriter, was carried onto the stage at NBCUniversal’s upfront presentation.

This was due to an incident that occurred earlier on the red carpet, where Carey tripped while walking in sky-high platform heels, losing a shoe in the process.

The event, which took place at the Radio City Music Hall, was to promote Carey’s upcoming E! show “Mariah’s World”.

According to witnesses, Carey arrived at the event with a large entourage that included her own hairstylist and makeup artist.

Carey was one of the last to arrive and her glam squad reportedly touched her up no less than six times.

A source at the event said “She was in the middle of an interview speaking, and her makeup artist applied lip gloss as her lips were moving.”

“Her other stylist fixed her hair as she made her way down the carpet.”

Once Carey made it inside the event, she changed into a blinged-out bathing suit and had two shirtless men carry her out on a chaise.

A source at the event said “It was like they were carrying Cleopatra.”

Carey has a history of making eccentric demands, in a past concert rider, the singer famously insisted that she “doesn’t do stairs.”

Carey wished the crowd a good morning and told them she was there to wake everyone up, despite it being 12:45p.m. by that point.

Carey also has a reputation for not getting out of bed before 3p.m.

In a clip for her upcoming show, Carey is seen pouring Champagne on a birthday cake to extinguish the candles, and also awkwardly attempting to walk down a flight of stairs in a tight gown.

Carey also declares that she is wearing sunglasses indoors because “I have a rule, which states I will not be seen in fluorescent lighting without sunglasses.”

Meanwhile, fellow diva and reported longtime Carey nemesis Jennifer Lopez presented at the event, but arrived nearly an hour earlier than Carey.

Lopez was more low-key, arriving without an entourage or the bling. According to sources, the two never made contact at the presentation.



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