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Jennifer Lopez’s kids are bullied for having famous parent


Jennifer Lopez’s kids are bullied for having famous parent


Jennifer Lopez has opened up about how her children feel about having famous parents.

In an interview with Audacy, the singer and actress spoke about what she wishes she could protect her 15-year-old twins, Max and Emme, from.

Lopez revealed that being the child of famous parents is not something many people can understand, and she feels for her kids because they didn’t choose it.

Lopez explained that her kids have just started letting her know how people treat them when they enter a room.

“They’re not seeing them for who they are,” she said.

“And I think that has to be a really hard thing for them.


So I would love to be able to protect them from that.” The twins are the children of Lopez and her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

The actress also talked about how she would like to protect her kids from being judged by people they don’t even know.

“Everybody has to deal with being bullied, like you said; it doesn’t matter who you are, you can get bullied,” she explained.

“But being judged by people that you don’t even know in a way is really difficult for them to grow up and be themselves.

They know that there’s a lens on them, and that’s hard.”

Lopez shared that it’s probably not a relatable thing to say because people don’t understand it, but it’s hard for her kids.

She admits feeling guilt as a mom for what she did to them and what she brought into their lives.

“So there’s that part,” she said.

The actress also spoke about how pain is a necessary part of life.

“You don’t ever want them to feel a moment of pain in their lives, but that’s not realistic,” Lopez explained.

“You realize as you get older, OK, the pain is necessary.

The pain is actually good.

The pain kind of makes you feel a little bit like a warrior when you get through it.”

Lopez has always been open about her journey as a mom.

In an interview with People last month, she revealed that she never wanted to raise her kids alone.

“I knew having kids would be a lot…

I knew I’d always be working,” she said.

“But that doesn’t mean that you ever want to be away from your kids for any period of time.

You want to be there for every single moment if you can.”

The singer and actress added that her kids are her priority, and she tries to balance her career and personal life.

“It’s just like anybody, right? We all have our struggles, our challenges,” she said.

“But I think at the end of the day, when you get to be 15 years old, like my kids are now, and they say things to you like, ‘You’re a great mom,’ it just means everything.”

Lopez recently starred in the Netflix film “The Mother,” which premiered on May 7th.

The movie is about a woman who turns to surrogate therapy to deal with her infertility struggles.

Lopez plays a character named Veronica, who is one of the mothers in the therapy group.

The actress is also set to star in and produce the upcoming Netflix thriller “The Cipher.” She will play FBI agent Nina Guerrera in the movie, which is based on the novel of the same name by Isabella Maldonado.

The plot follows Nina as she investigates a serial killer who sends her coded messages.

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