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Amazon Denies Claims Nicole Kidman Walked Off new series Set



Amazon Denies Claims Nicole Kidman Walked Off new series Set


Amazon Studios has denied claims Nicole Kidman walked off the production of her new series Expats.

Over the previous few months, there have been many controversies surrounding Expat’s production, including bad news surrounding Kidman’s quarantine exemption upon arrival in Hong Kong in mid-August. The series has also been criticized for its focus on wealthy, mostly-Caucasian expatriates and Wang’s apathetic attitude toward the political turmoil that has afflicted Hong Kong for the past two years.  In Hong Kong, media sites have stated that Kidman and Wang had a falling out over an apparent altercation in a street market. Kidman, who made headlines lately for allegedly not breaking character for five months for her new Hulu program, was recently back in the spotlight when Hong Kong news source HK01 reported that Kidman and Wang had a creative dispute, which resulted in the actress storming off the set.

Nicole, according to an Amazon spokesperson, finished filming on time and did not leave early.

“Nicole wrapped as scheduled, she did not leave early. She always had other projects she was committed to. The production is not stalled or on hiatus, it was always going to continue shooting without her,” said an Amazon representative.

Nicole took a private plane from Sydney to Hong Kong on August 12 to shoot her new Amazon Prime series Expats, and she was living in a leased house in the city’s Peak area.

While it hasn’t been confirmed, it’s been speculated that Kidman will reprise her role as Atlanna in Aquaman 2, which may be one of the “other projects” mentioned by the spokesman. Many of the same Hong Kong news sites that have covered the show’s numerous behind-the-scenes difficulties have also claimed that Kidman departed the show’s Hong Kong set to film her role for Aquaman 2 in Australia and subsequently the United Kingdom, and that she may soon return to China to finish filming Expats.


International visitors to Hong Kong are required to undergo at least seven days of quarantine upon arrival, followed by ‘self-monitoring.’

As the Amazon representative points out, Kidman’s departure from the Expats set may have been timely and expected, but the reluctance to address prior rumors of Kidman and Wang’s creative disagreements shows there may be substance to these charges after all. It’s unknown what role Kidman will play on the program, but she will allegedly participate in all six episodes in addition to serving as executive producer, implying that she will be a prominent character. When there are significant creative disagreements between the star and the director, it usually doesn’t auger well for the production, but fans will have to wait and see whether Expats can overcome its poor reputation when it finally comes out on Amazon Prime. The show’s premiere date has yet to be determined.

Kidman’s Blossom Films production business is an executive producer on the program, which is based on a Janice Y. K. Lee novel about the affluent lifestyles of a group of expatriate women. Amazon has not confirmed any details about her character.

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