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Most people want Prince William as King before Charles



Most people want Prince William as King before Charles


According to polls, the majority of British people would choose Prince William to be the future king over Prince Charles, who is next in line to the throne.

The study showed who British people prefer to succeed Queen Elizabeth II, with the shocking findings blasting certain family members.

More than half of Britons want Prince William to be the next King, but only a fifth prefer his father, Prince Charles.

In a further blow to the Prince of Wales, 36% believed his wife Camilla should be Princess Consort rather than Queen if he does get to the throne, according to an exclusive Sun poll.

When it comes to royal visits, Charles and Camilla don’t get the same rock star treatment as Will and Kate.

Since they began their tour of western Canada on Sunday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children have received a lot of attention.


According to the study results, the Duke of Cambridge is more popular than his father, with a net approval rating of +52 percent compared to +20 percent for the Prince of Wales.

According to Newsweek polling, 58 percent of British citizens want Prince William to be the future head of state, while 23 percent choose Prince Charles and 19 percent don’t know.

Diana’s royal protection officer, Ken Wharfe, stated that Diana had always wanted William to succeed the Queen as King.


He said: “I cannot disagree with these statistics. No other monarch has ever reigned as long as The Queen — the thought of getting an ageing grey-haired King Charles is perhaps not the best option.”

While previous polls have shown a similar pattern, the favor for Prince William looks to have become stronger in the last month.

However, royal biographer Ingrid Seward disputed, saying, “Things go in waves and because of the anniversary of Diana’s death he’s not popular at the moment.

“Charles will be King. I think he’ll do pretty well.”

Despite their dislike for Will and Kate, Morrison and Brookman both want Prince Charles to be the next King of England. Not just because it is his right, but also because he has waited longer than any other heir in British history.

“If there’s one thing I know about the monarchs is they love rules,” Morrison added. “Prince Charles, he’s been waiting his turn and so William has to wait it out.”


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