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Kim Kardashian Reaches Billionaire Status



Kim Kardashian Reaches Billionaire Status


According to Forbes, Kim Kardashian West’s net worth has risen to $1 billion (£720 million) as a result of her cosmetics and apparel businesses, as well as revenue from television, endorsement deals, and investments.

Kardashian, 40, made news in June 2020 when she sold a 20% share in KKW Beauty (which she held exclusive control of since its inception) to beauty behemoth Coty for $200 million. The cosmetics and fragrance business of the billionaire was valued at $1 billion as part of the deal. While there have been rumors of prestige cosmetics sales falling, Kardashian told WWD in November 2019 that sales of KKW Beauty and KKW Fragrance were stronger than ever.

From March 5, 2021, the business magazine claims to be able to calculate a person’s worth based on stock prices and currency rates. “We value a variety of assets, including private companies, real estate, art and more. We don’t pretend to know each billionaire’s private balance sheet (though some provide it). When documentation isn’t supplied or available, we discount fortunes,” it notes in its methodology.

Following the success of her half-sister Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics, Kardashian West launched KKW Beauty in 2017. She took a page from Kylie’s book and used a direct-to-consumer strategy that largely relied on social media marketing. Her initial launch of 300,000 contour kits sold out in less than two hours. By 2018, the company had expanded into eyeshadows, concealers, lipsticks, and perfumes, and had a sales of around $100 million.

She is currently one of the world’s 2,755 billionaires, according to Forbes.

“I’m very active during sales and launches,” the mother of four explained. “We’ve doubled in a year. It just makes me proud of the brand and makes me want to push to do exactly what I want to do and continue to make the products that I love and stay true to the authentic collaboration .”


Kardashian West’s sister Kylie Jenner was crowned the youngest self-made billionaire by Forbes in March 2019, but the title didn’t last long. Jenner’s cosmetics firm, Kylie’s Cosmetics, was “significantly smaller, and less profitable, than the family has spent years leading the cosmetics industry and media outlets,” Forbes said in May 2020.

Jenner’s current net worth, according to Forbes, is slightly under $900 million.

Kardashian West also holds a majority stake in Skims, a privately owned company that hasn’t disclosed its sales. A source close to Skims told Forbes about a deal worth more than $500 million for the shapewear firm. As a result, Forbes estimates that her Skims share is worth $225 million.

During the coronavirus lockdowns, the celebrity exploited her massive social media presence (213 million Instagram followers; 69.7 million Twitter followers) to advertise Skims loungewear.

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