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Kim Kardashian caught pooping in swimming pool: Report



Kim Kardashian caught pooping in swimming pool: Report


Kim Kardashian’s recent breakup with Reggie Bush left her in need of some relaxation, prompting her to spend the weekend at the Cinco Lunas hotel and resort in Miami Beach.

While there, she enjoyed a shiatsu massage and acupuncture, but things took an embarrassing turn when she defecated in the hotel’s pool, according to Miami New Times.

Todd Lashley, a hotel guest, witnessed the incident and even took a photo.

“I watched her jump in,” Lashley recounted.

“And I already had my phone out to take a picture.

“I think she thought she passed gas or something ’cause she just fixed her bathing suit and kept swimming.”


However, a small piece of feces soon surfaced, prompting laughter from Lashley.

“It wasn’t a full-blown log, but it wasn’t a rabbit turd either,” he joked.

“I guess she’s so full of crap she has a hard time holding it in.”

The incident quickly made headlines and sparked a wave of criticism directed towards Kardashian.

Some argued that her behavior was disrespectful towards the hotel and its guests, while others simply found the incident disgusting.

Kardashian herself has not commented on the incident, but her representatives have denied that it occurred.

However, Lashley maintains that he witnessed the entire incident and stands by his story.

“I know what I saw,” he stated.

“It’s not something I would make up.”

The Cinco Lunas hotel has also declined to comment on the incident, but it has undoubtedly caused some embarrassment for the establishment.

It remains to be seen whether the incident will have any lasting impact on the hotel’s reputation.

Meanwhile, Kardashian has continued to make headlines for other reasons.

She recently announced that she is expecting her fourth child via surrogate with husband Kanye West, and has been promoting her various business ventures on social media.

Despite the negative attention surrounding the pool incident, Kardashian’s fans have remained loyal and supportive.

Many have taken to social media to defend the reality TV star, arguing that the incident was blown out of proportion and that she deserves privacy and respect.

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