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Leonardo DiCaprio flirts with Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in viral video

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Leonardo DiCaprio flirts with Jeff Bezos girlfriend Lauren Sanchez in viral video


Leonardo DiCaprio has been hanging out with a lot of high-profile individuals lately, including a casual conversation with Prince Charles, and now everyone is talking about his most recent encounter with none other than Jeff Bezos – and it’s a little awkward.

Last Saturday (November 6), news journalist Lauren Sanchez and her partner, the Amazon founder, were at an event when they bumped into the Hollywood star.

Lauren is seen flirting with Leonardo in front of Jeff in the brief video of the meeting. Jeff was holding Lauren by the waist and nervously shifting his gaze to the side at the time. Leo himself interacted with Lauren in a cordial but reserved manner, and it appears that he either did not notice or feigned not to notice that they were flirting.


Her embarrassing but understandable response to meeting the star sparked a flurry of memes and jokes on the social media network.

Some commenters quipped that even Bezos’ billions wouldn’t be enough to stop Lauren from flirting, while others speculated on how Jeff would avoid retaliating against DiCaprio.

One fan wrote, “when u got literal billions but ur not Leonardo dicaprio,” while another added, “find somebody who looks at you the way jeff bezos’ gf looks at Leonardo dicaprio”.

“Jeff Bezos’ girl literally just forgot she’s holding hands with the richest man in the world as soon as DiCaprio hugged her,” actor Daniel Newman tweeted.

Following the video’s predicted virality, Jeff Bezos responded on Twitter, playfully posting, “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something… @LeoDiCaprio,” accompanied a photo of himself holding a “Danger! Steep cliff, fatal drop” sign. Erm, that escalated pretty quickly, no, Jeff?


People reacted positively to the billionaire’s humorous message, yet they continued to joke about the flirting.

DiCaprio, 46, has been dating model-actress Camila Morrone, 24, for three years, while Sanchez, 51, began dating Bezos in 2019 after splitting from his 25-year-old wife Mackenzie Scott.

Mackenzie is presently married to Dan Jewett, a schoolteacher.


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