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Here’s what happened to Jennifer Aniston’s face

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Here’s what happened to Jennifer Aniston’s face


Jennifer Aniston isn’t only talented; she’s also stunningly attractive and, according to accounts, one of Hollywood’s kindest stars.

Jen, now 50, rose to popularity in the 1990s as Rachel Greene, a spoiled young affluent girl who is rapidly whipped into shape by the reality of life in New York.

Jennifer, pictured in 1995, famously pioneered the ‘Rachel’ haircut thanks to the popularity of her Friends character ( Image: Getty Images)

She’s since gone on to feature in films including Horrible Bosses, Cake, and Marley & Me, and has established herself as one of Hollywood’s most bankable actresses.

But what has happened to the actress’s face?

“I would suggest Jennifer has had anti-wrinkle injections, often referred to as Botox, to her forehead and around her eyes (crow’s feet),” says a spokesman for Glow by MYA.

Jen at the Troy premiere in May 2004 ( Image: Getty Images)

“This non-surgical treatment will create a smooth forehead and limit any frown or expression lines. The treatment will normally last three to six months; as muscle action gradually returns, the lines and wrinkles begin to reappear and need to be treated again.

“This procedure can give the appearance of smoother skin if you are looking to achieve a youthful appearance, or it can be used as a preventative measure to slow the process of ageing.

“Jennifer has previously spoken openly about having a rhinoplasty (often referred to as a nose job) to correct a deviated septum in her twenties. This surgery could explain the change in Jennifer’s nose but we believe she may have asked for a slender more natural bridge and tip, making it a cosmetic rhinoplasty.

The star loves working out – but also treats herself to a weekly rest day ( Image: Jimmy Kimmel Live)

“The result of the procedure is very natural and still in keeping with the natural proportions of her face. The cost of a rhinoplasty procedure depends on many different physiological factors, the techniques used and the surgeon performing the procedure. They typically range from £6,000 to £10,000.

“Jennifer’s age-defying appearance may have had a little help from surgical and non-surgical procedures, although it’s obvious she has amazing genes.”



Jennifer Lopez Claps Back after Instagram User Accuses her of Getting ‘Tons’ of Botox

Jan 2021

Jennifer Lopez has been upfront about whether or not she’s ever used Botox or had any cosmetic surgery since launching her new skincare line, JLo Beauty.

On Friday, the actress and singer uploaded a video on Instagram that she said documented her initial response to seeing her face after applying That Limitless Glow, a $48 sheet mask that comes in a set of three from JLo Beauty, her newly launched skincare company.


“Honestly, I cannot even see a line on my face,” Lopez stated in the video, examining her skin up close. “Leave it on for 20 minutes, and I feel like it took 10 years off my face.”

Lopez received a comment after posting the image from a social media user who claimed Lopez used Botox to obtain her look. “You definitely have Botox. And tons of it,” the user wrote in the comments section. “And it’s all good. Just saying.”

Lopez replied, “LOL thats just my face!!! ….For the 500 millionth time… I have never done Botox or any injectable or surgery!! Just sayin’ 😊.”

She went on to say, “Get you some JLO BEAUTY and feel beautiful in your skin!! And here is another JLO Beauty secret: try spending your time being more positive, kind and uplifting of others…don’t spend your time trying to bring others down…that will keep you youthful and beautiful too!!!”


Several others appeared to support the commenter whose statement drew the attention of the celebrity. Some readers reflected a wider sentiment, saying that while they don’t oppose celebrities — including Lopez — getting cosmetic treatments, they wish they would be more forthcoming about the operations they have undergone (if any).

Lopez finally launched the full JLo Beauty line earlier this month, after months of anticipation.

“The past three years, we’ve been working on the products, but we finally got them right,” she said during an interview on PEOPLE (The Show!). “I think I drove everybody a little bit crazy because I didn’t want to put my name on anything that didn’t work or wasn’t exactly what I wanted it to be.”

Lopez recently detailed her complete skincare process with followers and showed off her naturally clean and bright skin on Instagram to promote her new JLo Beauty products.

“I haven’t ever had Botox to this day,” the actress told ELLE magazine. “And [the doctor] said, ‘Did you know you have a little line right here? We should start Botox.’ I mean, I had to be 23 years old, right? And I was like, ‘I’m going to pass.’ I didn’t like needles anyway, but the boyfriend’s like, ‘Yeah, you should start it. I do that.’ I was like, no, thank you.”

She went on to say, “I just wonder what would’ve happened to me if I would’ve started Botox at 23, what I would look like right now. My face would be a totally different face today.”

Lopez has already shared some of her other skin-care advice, such as avoiding coffee and alcohol use. Cutting back on alcohol, according to medical professionals, can enhance the look of skin in the long run.

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