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Nicolas Cage kicked out of Las Vegas bar for being ‘completely drunk and rowdy’

Nicolas Cage was caught on camera acting severely impaired in Las Vegas. The Sun/MEGA


Nicolas Cage kicked out of Las Vegas bar for being ‘completely drunk and rowdy’


Nicolas Cage is one of Hollywood’s most hardworking performers. Every month or so, it appears that he is working on a new project. But he’s been in the news recently for an entirely different reason. As it turns out, video footage of Nicolas Cage getting kicked out of a Las Vegas bar for being “completely drunk” has surfaced.

Nicolas Cage in the middle of a moment of public drunkenness in Las Vegas.
The Sun/MEGA

Witnesses claim they initially mistook the incident for a drunk homeless man causing ruckus. He was soon identified as the star who received an Academy Award for his depiction of an alcoholic in the 1995 film ‘Leaving Las Vegas.’ Witnesses also stated that Cage had been drinking pricey whiskey and shots of tequila before getting aggressive, according to the bar’s employees.

Nicolas Cage had a little too much to drink in Las Vegas.
The Sun/MEGA

According to footage obtained by the Sun, he was thrown out of Lawry’s Prime Rib on Monday last week after clashing with a staff member.

Nicolas Cage in a bad moment in Las Vegas.
The Sun/MEGA


Cage appears in the video wearing a black shirt and leopard print pants, and he is barefoot for a portion of it. The A-lister then stutters and yells in the video as he tries to put his flip-flops back on.

As the unshaven celebrity sat on a bus, one individual could be heard on camera saying, “Nicolas Cage here is a little f–ked up.”

“We were at that bar at Lawry’s when we noticed what we at first thought was a homeless man completely drunk and being rowdy,” a source told The Sun, declining to provide their name. “To our shock it turned to be Nicolas Cage. He was completely smashed and was getting into a bit of a fight with the staff. He was in a really bad state and was walking around shoeless. Staff told us he had been downing shots of tequila and 1980 Macallan whiskey. He was shouting at people and trying to get into fights and then staff asked him to leave. He was so drunk he could barely get his flip flops on before being escorted out. He asked us if we wanted to come back to his place but he was in a bad way so we didn’t think it was a good idea. One of the regulars ended up taking him home.”

The actor apparently tried to enter the pub again, but was stopped by a lady who was believed to be a bar employee.

On the video, a person can be heard saying, “Stop, man,” referring to Cage’s great discomfort.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Nicolas Cage has made the news for holding a bottle. In  March 2019, the actor divorced his fourth wife, Erika Koike, in Las Vegas, saying he was too intoxicated to “understand the full impact of his actions.” Cage has acknowledged to the Guardian that he throws himself into his work to avoid being “self-destructive.” He had said, “Then I’m just going to sit and order two bottles of red wine and dissolve, and I don’t want to be that person, so I have to work.”

Cage and the manager of Lawry’s Prime Rib Restuarant have both remained silent about the recent occurrences. Hopefully, the individuals involved have forgiven each other and Cage is seeking help.


The incident occurred after Cage went through a series of life-altering events earlier this year. He married for the fifth time, but then his mother Joy Vogelsang passed away. The actor married Riko Shibata in February at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas. However, after spending two weeks in the hospital, the ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ star’s mother died in May at the age of 85.

“Joy had been in the hospital for two weeks when she died and hadn’t been well for a while,” a family insider said at the time. ” She had a hard life but she was very kind and just really beautiful, a great cook and very charismatic. The funeral hasn’t happened yet because there is a backlog due to Covid. We’re hoping that Nic will be able to make it for the funeral now that it has been postponed because he is out of the country at the moment shooting a movie. Joy was incredibly proud of her sons and their achievements, she was a very affectionate woman.”

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