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Jennifer Lopez Poses in neon string bikini On A Yacht


Jennifer Lopez Poses in neon string bikini On A Yacht


Jennifer Lopez has shared additional photos from her lavish European trip with Ben Affleck.

She continued her 52nd birthday week of celebrations by posting additional thirst trap content for the general public while also advertising her skincare product. The singer shared two photos of herself in a yellow string bikini hanging from her yacht. She credited Ana Carballosa, her go-to photographer, and tagged JLo Beauty in the post. “Ciao,” she captioned the photo on Instagram.

The 52-year-old flaunted her wonderfully toned figure in a neon two-piece while posing in a bright yellow string bikini — and fans are smitten.

She’s also wearing aviator sunglasses as she leans on the yacht’s railing, gazing off into the sunset.

Credit: Jennifer Lopez

The photos appear to have been taken on the same yacht where Lopez and her boyfriend Ben celebrated her 52nd birthday.


Her latest bikini images follow the release of photos of her making out with her back-on lover Ben Affleck in a restaurant in Nerano, Italy.

Bennifer has been putting her PDA on while fluttering about the world’s most coveted holiday destinations, including Italy, St. Tropez, and Monte Carlo.

One of her 168 million followers remarked, “The fact that her body is all natural. She works hard for her figure and it shows.”

“That neon yellow looks amazing on you,” said another, while a third simply said, “Goddess.”

The duo also made headlines with a booty rub á la “Jenny from the Block,” which brought back memories. Lopez wore a patchwork-printed Dolce & Gabbana minidress to snuggle with Affleck as they got some more sun at the conclusion of the yacht day.

Lopez told in December 2020 that she believes sunscreen is the most important factor in maintaining healthy skin at all ages. She shared an example from her own life:

“I was in my 20s and I was dating this guy. He went to one dermatologist and I went to another dermatologist. Basically, my dermatologist gave me a great cleanser and some sunscreen and said, “If you do this from now on, your skin is healthy, you’re young right now, it’s going to be great.” And he’s like, “But the sunscreen is the thing.”

Credit: Jennifer Lopez

‘And then I went to this other doctor with the boyfriend, and again, I was 20-something years old, and I haven’t ever had Botox to this day. And she said, “Did you know you have a little line right here? We should start Botox.” I mean, I had to be 23 years old, right? And I was like, “I’m going to pass.” I didn’t like needles anyway, but the boyfriend’s like, “Yeah, you should start it. I do that.” I was like, no, thank you. And I just wonder what would’ve happened to me if I would’ve started Botox at 23, what I would look like right now. My face would be a totally different face today’.

‘One of the big things I would encourage everybody to do from the time they’re 15 years old, even younger, is wear sunscreen every day. We developed a sunscreen you can wear every single day as your day moisturizer, and that is going to protect you more than anything. That’s a big skincare secret that people kind of do but don’t do. They use moisturizers, but they don’t put on sunscreen every day. That is something I have done from that time I was 22 years old’”.

Credit: Jennifer Lopez

While the singer hasn’t revealed her precise attire, we’re guessing she’s wearing the Binx Triangle Bikini in lemon from the Frankie’s Bikinis line, which she’s a long-time admirer of.

After spending some time in Italy, Bennifer was recently seen making a pit stop in opulent Monte Carlo, where she could hit the tables and gamble.

PageSix said that the 48-year-old high-roller was observed spending hours at the casino table on his alone, dressed in a ‘007-like black suit and a sharp white shirt.’

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