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The Queen, Charles and William – Heirs to The Throne

Queen Elizabeth II with Prince Charles, Prince William, and Prince George in a 2020 portrait. Ranald Mackechnie/Handout via REUTERS


The Queen, Charles and William – Heirs to The Throne


The British royal family has captivated people all around the globe since its inception. To say the least, the glitter, glamour, and drama make for an intriguing sight. The fascination with the royals has only increased, thanks to intense, theatrical interpretations of the royal family’s history in programs like Netflix’s The Crown. To that end, the line of succession is something that people are always discussing. Obviously, Queen Elizabeth is in charge of the royal family, but what would happen if she dies away tragically? What happens after that, when Prince William becomes King?

According to a new theory, Prince William will have to wait 27 years to take the throne.

The death of Prince Philip has made headlines, but the loss of the long-serving royal consort has had no effect on the royal line of succession.

Many people have been waiting for Prince Charles to succeed his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, to the throne.

According to Nick Bullen, editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV, Prince Charles, will follow in the queen’s footsteps. He told Fox News, “When the queen very sadly dies, Prince Charles will be the king.”

He went on to say that’s also what Prince William wants, since he’s not in a hurry to take the throne. However, logistically, what will happen is complex.


A royal may ascend to the throne in one of two ways. According to Buckingham Palace, ancestry and legislation enacted by the British government determine succession to the monarchy.

For anybody born after October 28, 2011, Parliamentary laws provide that descent, legitimacy, religion, and sex all affect succession to the British monarchy.

Prince Charles, is now the first in line to the throne, followed by his son Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge.

Following Prince William, his three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, are in order of birth. The Duke of Sussex is the sixth in line to the throne.

While Prince Charles, the heir apparent, may be on his way to becoming the next British king, his reign may not be as lengthy as his mother’s.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William’s grandmother, will have to die before he can become king. Obviously, Prince William will not take the throne right away since his father, Prince Charles, is the next in line to the throne. In reality, both Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles must die before Prince William may succeed to the throne.

The first-born son was supposed to take priority over other children, according to the original rule. The new succession legislation stipulates that male and female successors to the kingdom shall be decided by the order in which they are born.

This implies that young women, such as Princess Charlotte, may now be considered for the throne in the future.

The Queen is now 94 years old, and if she follows in the footsteps of the Queen Mother, who died in 2002 at the age of 101, she may live to be at least 101 years old.

This means that her son, Prince Charles, will not become King until he is 79 years old — he is presently 72.

If Prince Charles lives to be as old as his father, Prince Philip, who died at the age of 99, Prince William would not be able to become King until at least 2048.

Marlene Koeing, a royal specialist, talked to Express UK about why she believes the Prince of Wales’ transition to the Duke of Cambridge would be swift.

“Charles’ reign is not going to be that long. Of course, he’s 70 and could live another 30 years. I think they will have the transition,” she predicted, “The next king will have a much longer reign.”
“The moment Charles is king, William will become Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay. Cornwall, of course, for the English heir. Rothesay for Scotland. However, he doesn’t stop being Duke of Cambridge,” she said.

“It was similar when Edward VII succeeded Queen Victoria. His only surviving son, the future George V, was the Duke of York. So he was styled, for nine months, as Duke of Cornwall and York,” Koeing said.

“That was until he was created Prince of Wales in November 1901. Most likely, at first, William will be styled as the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge,” she added.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. D Teruggi

    August 8, 2021 at 10:41 am

    I personally do not believe that prince Charles will be the next King because he doesn’t want to be King and will pass the job to his son William and I think William is old enough and well prepared to take on that position, he’s also with Kate very popular and loved by the people. The important thing is what the English people want and not always who’s is line to become the next monarch .

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