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‘Desperate’ Princess Diana ‘threw herself down the stairs while pregnant’ to get Charles’ attention

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‘Desperate’ Princess Diana ‘threw herself down the stairs while pregnant’ to get Charles’ attention


Princess Diana was four months pregnant with Prince William when she threw herself down the stairs, according to new and secret recordings.

The Princess of Wales is believed to have recorded the story in 1991, when her marriage to Prince Charles was breaking down, and then sent the recordings to writer Andrew Morton.

Diana recounted her efforts to persuade Prince Charles to listen to her in extracts from Morton’s book “Diana: Her True Story,” which has been republished 25 years after its initial publication.

“When I was four months pregnant with William I threw myself downstairs, trying to get my husband’s attention, for him to listen to me.

“I had told Charles I felt so desperate and I was crying my eyes out. He said I was crying wolf. ‘I’m not going to listen,’ he said. ‘You’re always doing this to me. I’m going riding now.’

“So I threw myself down the stairs. The Queen comes out, absolutely horrified, shaking — she was so frightened.


“I knew I wasn’t going to lose the baby (though I was) quite bruised around the stomach. When he came back, you know, it was just dismissal, total dismissal. He just carried on out of the door.”

Diana is said to have consented to record and transmit the recordings to Mr Morton on the condition that her participation be kept a secret.

She also claims she cut off her pals because she was too “embarrassed” to see them socially since she was trying to cope with what was going on in her life.

“I shut my friends out because I didn’t want to pull them in on it. I would be too embarrassed to ask them to come in for lunch. I couldn’t cope with that. I would be apologising the whole way through lunch. My mother tried to give me Valium. Someone else tried to take me off it. I never actually took it.”

After Diana’s death in 1997, transcripts of recordings in which she talked openly about attempts to kill herself, bulimia, and Prince Charles’ romance with Camilla Parker Bowles were revealed, five years after the book was first published.

She also remembers collapsing with her spouse at a function because she was “overtired” and couldn’t eat – or keep anything down.

“My husband told me off. He said I could have passed out quietly somewhere else, behind a door. It was all very embarrassing. My argument was I didn’t know anything about fainting. While Anne and David were bringing me round, Charles went on around the exhibition. He left me to it. I got back to the hotel and blubbed my eyes out.”

Mr Morton informed The Independent at the time that he had given the recordings to Sussex University in his will so that they might be utilized after his death.

“It would not have occurred to me to reveal them, had she not died,” he said.

One of the most painful things the princess discovered was that she was regarded as “spoilt” and as a lady having “a hard time” with her husband.

“I did take criticism hard, because I tried so hard to show (the Royal Family) that I wasn’t going to let them down. But obviously that didn’t come across strongly enough at that point.”

Diana’s recordings were shown on American television in 2004 as part of a documentary series about her.

She claims she was “fairytale princess” to the public, while “crucifying herself inside because she didn’t think she was good enough”

“The public side was very different from the private side. The public side, they wanted a fairy princess to come and touch them and everything will turn into gold and all their worries would be forgotten.

“Little did they realise that the individual was crucifying herself inside, because she didn’t think she was good enough. My husband started to get very jealous and anxious by then, too.”

Diana claims that when her oldest kid was only three years old, he labeled her “the most selfish woman he had ever met” since he’d heard his father say it so many times.

The Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry talked openly about their personal mental health experiences 20 years after their mother’s death.

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