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Prince Harry ‘selfish and immature’ for resenting people who mourned his late mother

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Prince Harry ‘selfish and immature’ for resenting people who mourned his late mother


According to his biographer, Prince Harry has been ‘selfish’ and ‘very immature’ in describing his thoughts about other people’s reactions to his mother’s burial.

Last month, the Duke of Sussex said he was “angry” with the British public for grieving Princess Diana since they “never even met her”

Angela Levin, a biographer, claimed she was “very shocked” when the Duke of Sussex indicated he was “angry” and disappointed that the country mourned for his mother despite having never met her.

According to True Royalty TV’s The Royal Beat, the Duke of Sussex’s biographer, the Duke should now be able to cope with the emotions surrounding Diana’s terrible death.

Speaking on The Me You Can’t See, his new mental health series with Oprah Winfrey, the Duke of Sussex revealed that the sound of horses hooves clacking down The Mall at the Princess of Wales’ funeral has ‘haunted’ him, and that he was ‘outside of his body’ while following his mother’s coffin down the road.

But Angela Levin, author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince,  said he could understand him feeling like a boy, but not at his age now in 2021.


“Walking behind his mother was hideous for him,” the royal expert continued, “but to resent the people who admired Diana and loved her and thought incredibly highly of her, I think it’s not up to him to say who should mourn her.”

“I think that whole feeling goes back to the Palace where he doesn’t really care what anybody else thinks – he knows that his family can’t answer back. He knows it very well.”

“The Prince of Wales has really come under quite heavy fire, in terms of Harry’s account of his parenting,” says senior Royal journalist Roya Nikkhah, “but he has maintained a dignified silence… that’s his ploy.”

“I think that must be hard because I should think there is a lot he wants to say.”

“If Harry feels he has really benefited from the counselling and therapy that he has had and it is opening up emotions and helping him in his new life across the pond – good luck to him.

“But one wonders if in order to do that do you have to publicly speak about your family in such a negative light,” Ms Nikkah concluded.

In the documentary, Harry also discussed his late-twenties addiction to alcohol and drugs, saying, “I would drink a week’s worth in one day.”

He also mentioned Meghan’s resistance to suicidal thoughts because she understood it would be “unfair” for Harry to lose another lady in his life.

And the duke, a soon-to-be father of two, expressed his desire for his mother to be alive so she might meet his wife and children.

The Duke of Sussex described his youth as a “nightmare” from the ages of 28 to 32.

But later, on the recommendation of his wife Meghan, he sought counseling to aid with his mental health.

It comes after a therapist encouraged Prince Harry to “practice gratitude” and avoid being “caught in suffering” as the Duke continues to speak out about mental health issues.

“I feel like Harry could be a type four intense creative in the Enneagram personality system, which is actually the same as me,” the mental health specialist said on the Us Weekly royal podcast.

According to Camilla Tominey, Kate Middleton informed pals that it “wasn’t too late” to “pull Harry and Meghan back into the fold” before their Oprah interview aired.

Camilla Tominey wrote for Stella magazine, ‘I have been reliably informed she was even telling her friends before the Oprah interview that she did not think it was too late to “pull them back in”.’

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