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Princess Diana ‘threw herself down the stairs while pregnant’ with Prince William


Princess Diana ‘threw herself down the stairs while pregnant’ with Prince William


Princess Diana is said to have thrown herself down the stairs while four months pregnant with Prince William.

According to new and secret recordings, the princess disclosed her devastating suicide attempt to royal historian Andrew Morton, shortly after Prince Charles restarted his affair with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Her insights, however, came with one condition: they had to be kept secret.

Morton’s devastating book Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words, which was released 20 years after her sad death in Paris, is being reprinted with the inclusion of the shocking remarks.

According to the Daily Mail, which is now serializing the book, Diana said, “When I was four months pregnant with William I threw myself downstairs, trying to get my husband’s attention, for him to listen to me.”

“I had told Charles I felt so desperate and I was crying my eyes out. He said I was crying wolf. ‘I’m not going to listen,’ he said. ‘You’re always doing this to me. I’m going riding now.’


“So I threw myself down the stairs. The Queen comes out, absolutely horrified, shaking — she was so frightened”.

She went on to say that even though she was injured around the tummy, she “knew I wasn’t going to lose the baby.”

The unhappy princess admits her acts were a “desperate cry for help” and that the Queen and Prince Charles were both aware of her bulimia eating issue.

She also claims she isolated herself from her friends because she was trying to deal with what was going on in her life and was too “embarrassed” to see them socially.

Mr Morton informed The Independent at the time that he had given the records to Sussex University in his will to be utilized after his death.

“It would not have occurred to me to reveal them, had she not died,” he said.

She also recalled collapsing at an occasion with her husband because she was “overtired” and couldn’t eat or keep anything down.

Diana claims Prince Charles “told her off” and told her she “could have passed out quietly somewhere else” before insisting she attend an evening event.

Diana claims that when her eldest child was three, he called her “the most selfish woman he had ever met” since he’d heard his father say it so many times.

Twenty years after their mother’s death, the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry opened up about their personal experiences with mental health.

Prince William stated that it took him “almost 20 years” to be able to speak openly and “more honestly” about his mother.

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