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Meghan Markle want apology from the Royal Family



Meghan Markle want apology from the Royal Family


According to a broadcaster, Meghan Markle is “prepared to heal the rift” with the Royal Family if they apologize to her.

In a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey over a month ago, Meghan Markle, 39, and Prince Harry, 36, made incendiary charges about the Royal Family. “Meghan let it be known that she is prepared to heal the rift with the Royal Family so long as they apologise to her,” said Talk RADIO anchor Kevin O’Sullivan. “I think people in this country think the apology should be coming in the opposite direction, that Harry and Meghan owe our Royal Family a huge apology for outrageously calling them racists.”


Mr. Myers continued, “I don’t think we’re going to see Meghan here anytime soon.”


“She is heavily pregnant. It would be extraordinary if she came back for the Diana statue unveiling and then one may wonder when we will see her again.



DB Woodside, who co-starred in Suits with Meghan Markle, has also stated that the Duchess of Sussex is due a huge apology.


The actor made the remarks in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight.


During the conversation, Meghan discussed her experiences growing up in the family, particularly the lack of assistance she got when she revealed suicidal thoughts.


The Duchess of Sussex also stated that before Archie was born, a member of the family voiced concern about his skin color.


In an exclusive interview with ET, the actor called his former co-star “strong and resilient,” and claimed everyone responsible owed Meghan an apology.


“It seems to me there are people who are setting her up to be the fall person,” he told the publication. “There’s people who are setting her up to blame her for something. And listen, every single one of us as human beings, we’ve had bad days. Maybe we’ve sent not the best email.


“Who cares about that? Give me a break. Every single one of us has left a message that we might think, ‘Oh, I was crabby that day.’ Every single one of us.”


Almost as soon as Prince Harry’s connection with Meghan Markle was established, the media and British people erupted into what can only be characterized as a frenzy. Prince Harry delivered an extraordinary statement criticizing the British press for the “racial undertone” of their coverage as well as the “degree of pressure, scrutiny, and harassment” of Meghan Markle. According to Kensington Palace officials, the prince was concerned for Meghan and her family’s safety after they were “subjected to a wave of abuse” from the British media.


Despite Prince Harry’s remark, the tabloids maintained their assault on Meghan, focusing on everything from how she looked to how she wore her hair. She was even chastised for putting her hands in her pockets, and the racist headlines persisted.


It’s reasonable to argue that Meghan Markle, for all of her reasons, deserves an apology from the United Kingdom and the royal family.

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