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Meghan Markle as ‘a massive problem’ for the royals



Meghan Markle as ‘a massive problem’ for the royals


According to historian and writer Robert Lacey, who has authored a new book on Prince Harry and Prince William, Meghan Markle was a “massive problem for the Royal Family ”

Robert said Meghan was the “real reason” for Prince William and Prince Harry’s alleged feud. The author stated that Prince William was “quite right” to speak to his brother about rushing their relationship.

Robert said: “Meghan was a massive problem for the Royal Family. She’s a self-made millionairess, the only one in the Royal Family who created her own celebrity, not inherited it.”

He continued: “William was quite right to say to Harry, ‘Look, this is a challenge you’re bringing into the family, how’s it going to work?’ and with wisdom after the event, one has to say not enough preparations were made.”

Robert explained: “She wasn’t made to feel important enough and they are now where they want to be.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced in March 2020 that they would relinquish their titles and take a year off to test the waters and see if they could establish themselves independently.


After purchasing a $14 million property in July, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their home in Montecito.

Prior to meeting and marrying Prince Harry, Meghan Markle was highly active on social media. However, months before their royal wedding, she erased her social media accounts.

The two have signed a multimillion-dollar contract with Netflix to develop a series of instructional and documentary programs for families.

Earlier in the conversation, Robert stated that Harry and William’s feud “went way back”

“It goes right back to the beginning, it’s chickens coming home to roost from all the troubles of the 80s and 90s, these young boys are the product of marital turmoil,” he added.

Lacey also made the following suggestion: “William took the lesson of duty. As he went through this difficult time, the prospect he was going to be King was a strength for him, to the degree that when he fell in love, he politely asked his girlfriend to wait nine or 10 years to make sure she’d be good for the job. They have created a wonderful figurehead for the future.

“Harry took the opposite conclusion from the turmoil of his parents’ loveless marriage, that he was going to go for love

“We’re looking at a clash of love and duty.”

Harry and Meghan began dating in June 2016, and their engagement was confirmed in November 2017.

They’ve now switched their focus to encouraging more open dialogue on racism and speaking out against online harassment.

Meghan has advise peopled, particularly women, to not take their ability for granted, particularly now that they have a platform like social media to do so.

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