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Why Kate Middleton won’t be Queen


Why Kate Middleton won’t be Queen


When Kate Middleton and Prince William wed, she was labeled the “future queen” of England. This is due to the fact that Prince William is a King in waiting.

Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, and the Queen gave William the dukedom of Cambridge to commemorate the day, which is customary on royal wedding days. Kate’s title was later modified to represent her husband’s current title, and she has been recognised as the Duchess of Cambridge since her wedding. Kate’s new designation is only one of the updates to her official style that she would undoubtedly undertake as a senior member of the Royal Family in the coming years.

Prince Charles will succeed his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, as Britain’s next king after his grandmother’s death or when she steps down. Prince William would succeed to the throne when Prince Charles dies or steps down.

Many people believe that if Prince William becomes king, Duchess Kate will immediately become queen. However,  Middleton will not be queen as her husband takes the throne for this unexpected reason.

When Prince William becomes King William, his wife Kate will most likely be referred to as Queen Catherine.

She would not, however, be Queen in the same way as Queen Elizabeth II.


Queen Elizabeth II is a queen in her own right, having been born into the Royal Family.

Duchess Kate will be a Queen consort, which means she will be the monarch’s wife. The Sun notes that Duchess Kate will not be given the designation of “Queen of England” because she is not a direct descendant of Queen Elizabeth. She is not an official queen despite being married to a sovereign.

Kate would continue to support her husband in all of his responsibilities as Queen Consort. She will continue to make frequent appearances around the globe and act as a patron for all of her favorite charities.

Duchess Kate will not be the reigning monarch and will not have the same rights as the present queen. She will continue to perform royal roles, but she will only be the King of England’s wife.

Unlike her husband, Duchess Kate will not be crowned, and her title will be merely symbolic. In any case, Duchess Kate is enjoying a life that the majority of us can only dream of, and we can’t help but be envious of her future role as queen consort.

Only kings and queens born into the line of succession have the power to govern.

As a result, Prince Philip, the Queen’s husband, was not entitled to the title of king.

Philip was recognised as the Duke of Edinburgh when the Queen assumed the throne in 1952, but the Queen changed his title to Prince Philip a few years later.

Oh, and if Kate outlives her spouse, she might have another title upgrade, according to royal expert Marlene Koenig.

“When [Prince] George is King (if Catherine is still alive), she can choose to be styled as HM Queen Catherine, the Queen Mother,” Koenig said. Though, ideally, this will be a long time in the future.

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