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What Princess Diana lost After Divorce from Prince Charles


What Princess Diana lost After Divorce from Prince Charles


True, Princess Diana lost her title, but she also lost a lot more when she divorced Prince Charles, both physically and mentally.

Princess Diana benefited much from her marriage to Prince Charles. It is how she became the mother of her two adored sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. She lived in luxury and had the time and resources to dedicate to causes close to her heart.

One of the most visible aspects of her divorce was the loss of her formal royal title as Princess of Wales. Fans may be shocked to discover that she lost much more than her title when she divorced in 1996.

Diana lost everything when her marriage collapsed, including her loyal staff and police protection.

According to Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicles, Diana was given a lump payment of £17 million (the equivalent of $26 million) and an annual stipend of £400,000 ($625,000). But this is what Diana lost, according to Brown and the New York Times’ account of the divorce in 1996:

Her title


When Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles in 1981, she was given the title Her Royal Highness.

Her title was changed to Diana, Princess of Wales after her divorce from Prince Charles.

According to the New York Times’ account of Prince Charles and Diana’s divorce settlement in 1996, the Queen was prepared to let Diana to retain her title, but her oldest son was “said to be adamant that she give it up.”

Diana’s demotion meant that the late Princess had to bow to those who had the title, including her 14-year-old son Prince William, who insisted on restoring his mother’s title when he became King.

Her travel budget

Members of the royal family are granted a large travel budget as well as the opportunity to stay in costly and exclusive places, but many of these advantages were taken away from Diana following her divorce. Among other restrictions, Diana’s overseas travels, unless they were private vacations, had to be approved by the Foreign Office and the Queen.

Princess Diana was also obliged to resign from several of the charity groups she had sponsored over the years due to a lack of enough financing. The Princess of Wales was engaged in over 100 organizations across the globe after she married. Following the separation, that number was reduced to six.

Police protection.

Tina Brown, author of The Diana Chronicles, claims Diana was also deprived of the protection afforded to members of the Royal Family.

Princess Diana’s safety was important to the monarchy during her marriage to Prince Charles.

However, once their divorce was finalized, Diana was only granted police security while attending a public event and had to pay for private bodyguards on a daily basis.

Her workplace

Diana had to vacate her office at St. James’s Palace (it was adjacent to Prince Charles’ office) as a result of the divorce. She was, however, allowed to keep an office at Kensington Palace.

A large portion of her staff

Diana’s Kensington Palace workforce was reduced to three people: a cleaner, a chef, and a dresser. That’s how Burrell the butler came to play such an important part in her life, juggling the duties of personal assistant, driver, delivery service, confidant, and “crying towel,” as Brown puts it.


Divorce-related pressures caused a rift between Diana and Gianni Versace over Versace’s coffee-table book, Rock and Royalty, for which Diana is listed as a coauthor. That split led to a schism between Diana and Elton John, another coauthor (though they reconciled after Versace’s death).

When it comes to issues of the heart, Princess Diana’s divorce cost her the love of her life, Dr. Hasnat Khan. Diana and him met in 1995, and their love was so intense that Diana contemplated relocating to his home in Pakistan.

Their relationship, however, broke apart the next year, as Diana’s popularity skyrocketed. Aside from the distance, Diana’s fame played a significant role in their choice to split up.

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