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Meghan Markle is a Disaster for the British Royal Family

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Meghan Markle is a Disaster for the British Royal Family


Meghan Markle was a “massive problem” for the royal family, according to the author, who thinks she wasn’t made to feel important enough.

According to Kevin Maguire, Meghan and Harry’s bombshell claims “must be worse than Buckingham Palace feared” since the couple has shaken the foundations of an institution on the “the wrong side of history”

Meghan Markle and Harry Windsor are ruining the royal family from within, sounding like distressed survivors of a deadly cult.

Robert Lacey, the author of the sensational new book Battle of Brothers, claimed Meghan was the “real reason” behind the apparent feud between Prince William and Prince Harry, claiming the 38-year-old did speak to his younger brother about his relationship while on the Good Morning Britain show chatting about the Sussexes with co-host Piers Morgan.

“Meghan was a massive problem for the Royal Family,” the 76-year-old added.

“It’s easy to be wise after the event. Here’s a self-made woman.


“A self-made millionairess, the only one in the Royal Family who’s made her own money, created her own celebrity and not inherited it.” “William was quite right to say to Harry: ‘Look, this is a challenge you’re bringing into the family, how’s it going to work?'” he told Piers on the programme.

“And with wisdom after the event, one has to say not enough preparations were made.”

In his new Apple series The Me You Can’t See, Harry discussed his mental health and attacked his father, Prince Charles.

It came after another explosive interview the couple gave with TV legend Oprah Winfrey in March, just days before Prince Philip’s death, which engulfed the royal family in its worst crisis in years, portraying the royal family as a nasty, backstabbing, selfish, insular, uncaring, and racist clan desperate to maintain an undeserved privileged position.

The racist allegations claimed that ‘someone from the Palace’ was concerned about the skin tone of her son Archie. She didn’t specify if it was a royal member, an acquaintance, or a janitor. All she stated was that revealing who said it would be “damaging.” That’s terrible. Definitely. No one should be concerned about her son’s skin tone. And if a member of the royal family was really concerned, they should be publicly shamed. But because they weren’t, we’ll have to take her word for it.

That’s OK, since it’s easy to think the stuffy, ancient royal family has some racism embedded in their pasty white skin.

Even if Archie was a bright purple baby with dazzling yellow eyes, he’d have a life of privilege unimaginable to any of us.

And Markle’s suicidal thoughts in particular – she claims she was denied mental health treatment because it would make her look bad – as well as her husband’s pain over his strangely aloof father’s emotional neglect, a Charles who at one point stopped taking his despairing son’s calls – explain why the two future faces of the monarchy fled overseas.

Now, Paul Burell, who served as Harry’s mother Princess Diana’s butler and known the Duke of Sussex since he was three years old, claims Harry is “blinded” by Meghan, whom he feels is the one person who can prevent him from speaking out.

According to Paul, who spoke to Closer magazine, “He’s been blinded by Meghan, by her beauty and by this Hollywood world.


“I think now it could only be Meghan who can stop him from doing these interviews and doing any more damage, and destroying himself.


“He won’t heal if he keeps doing this — it’ll make things worse in the long run.


“I honestly have no idea when he’ll stop.

In addition, the royal expert feels “Diana would be heartbroken it’s come to this.

“Not only would she be devastated that Harry is cut off from his family, but she’d disapprove of him tearing down the royals.

“She’d want him to stop airing his dirty laundry, and to live a quiet, private life, focused on his children”

Every story has two sides, and the backlash revealed charges of bullying against Markle as well as assertions that her human rights activism didn’t stand in the way of an expensive pair of earrings from a Saudi butcher.

She might be a victim of snobbery, xenophobia, and racism inside the royal family, as well as a middle-ranking actress and cutthroat social climber in quest of her ideal Disney castle, who became too big for her boots after marrying into a glittering family at the height of the British upper class.

Meghan Markle, with her over-easy connection with the cameras and a personal past that is more tabloid than conventional royal, is a perfect fit for the role. Her shabby early photoshoots scream desperation, and her own father and sister agree. She used to identify as Caucasian when she was trying to get famous; now she claims to be the most colored person in the room.

The Queen’s family as well as the furious runaways have suffered losses.

The plates and windows of the Palace are shaking, slates are tumbling from the roof, and the family is fleeing the Oprah earthquake.


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