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Prince Harry and Meghan won’t return to the royal family

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Prince Harry and Meghan won’t return to the royal family


Meghan Markle became a member of the royal family in 2018. She and Prince Harry decided to resign from their positions as senior members of the royal family after less than two years. Fans are asking if the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will return to the royal family in the future, but royal experts say there are “clear signs” that they will not. There were several reasons for Meghan and Harry’s departure, dubbed “Megxit.”

When Meghan began dating Prince Harry in 2016, she began to receive a lot of negative attention. The media spread incorrect information about her and intruded on her privacy. In the autumn of 2019, the couple even sued a few media publications. Meghan was told not to speak out against the press, and it was revealed in court records that she felt “unprotected” by the royal family.

According to the royal couple’s conversation with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year, they discussed a variety of topics, including mental health, the royal family’s dynamic, and the gender of their second child, among other things.

The duchess admitted to Oprah about her mental health struggles, saying she had “methodical thoughts” about suicide while in the royal family. “That was a very clear and real and frightening thought. I couldn’t be left alone ,” she said, adding that she sought help from the “institution” — a group of senior officials — for suicidal thoughts, asking if she could be admitted to a hospital, but was turned down.

The duchess claimed she subsequently contacted one of Princess Diana’s closest friends, but she still had these ideas, which she described as her “breaking point.”

The royal family also cut Harry off financially, he claims.


The couple’s original plan was to relocate to a Commonwealth country and keep their royal titles, but not in a high position. They were eventually cut off from the royal family financially, and their official security was withdrawn. “The Netflix and the Spotify of it all weren’t part of the plan,” Harry explained, noting that it happened after they were financially cut off.

He also acknowledged that he and his brother, Prince William, had a rocky relationship.

Harry admitted that he felt “trapped within the system” throughout his tenure as a senior royal. ed. They don’t get to leave ,” he added, stating the fact that he now feels free.   Which might explain why, like his father, Harry’s relationship with his brother, Prince William, isn’t what it used to be: “As I said before, I love William to bits. We’ve been through hell together and we have a shared experience but we are on different paths,” he said. “The relationship is space at the moment and time heals all things, hopefully.”

With all of these stakes, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will not return to the Royal Family as working members.

The pair would not “continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service” as per the Queen. The palace said that Prince Harry and Meghan “remain much loved members of the family” in a statement. “Service is universal” the pair responded, adding that they would continue to support the organizations they had represented.

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