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Meghan Markle accused of Plagiarizing Children’s Book, But Author Defends Duchess


Meghan Markle accused of Plagiarizing Children’s Book, But Author Defends Duchess


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is doing well in California. She is expecting her second child, a girl, any day now, and she is concentrating on her non-royal projects, such as her multi million-dollar agreements with Spotify and Netflix.

Many people accused Meghan Markle of plagiarism when she announced her book, “The Bench,” since it is similar to another children’s book.

Twitter users had varied reactions to the release of the Duchess of Sussex’s latest novel. Many people were ecstatic, but some were disappointed because Markle wrote a book about a father-child relationship while she is estranged from her father, Thomas Markle Sr.

Meghan’s book release has several similarities to a 2018 book, The Boy on the Bench, by author Corrinne Averiss and illustrator Gabriel Alborozo, according to royal commentators on social media. While the Duchess of Sussex said that Prince Harry and their baby, Archie, were the inspiration for her children’s novel, some royal fans said that the royal’s story sounds familiar.


“Before you run out and waste money on the book by Harry’s wife, read The Boy on the Bench by Corrinne Averiss and Gabriel Alborozo … The original,” One Twitter user described the apparent resemblance as “the original.”


Another individual added, “Blatantly plagiarized and that Markle’s work should be “boycotted.” “I’ll wager a bet that Corrinne’s book is in Archie’s collection,” the user said. “That’s where her idea came from. I don’t believe that this is all her own thinking or reflects her idyllic life whatsoever.”

“Harry’s first wife has not one original bone in her body! ‘Did Meghan Markle COPY children’s author with The Bench?’ #Plagiarism,” while posting side-by-side images of the two book covers, another said.

Another added facepalm emoji and said, “Plagiarism Princess,”

No similarities

However, the charges were quickly rejected by the author whom the duchess was accusing of plagiarizing.

“Reading the description and published excerpt of the Duchess’s new book, this is not the same story or the same theme as ‘The Boy on the Bench.’ I don’t see any similarities,’ Averiss noted.

“The Boy on the Bench” is a tale of a boy called Tom who is on the playground with other kids and attempts to conquer his fears of being an outcast. The book is described as a “gentle, empathetic story about overcoming fears and being yourself” on Amazon.

Meanwhile, Markle’s story is influenced by Prince Harry’s relationship with their son Archie and is about the bond between father and son as seen from the eyes of a mother.

The Bench, according to Meghan Markle, began as a poem she penned for Harry on his first Father’s Day. It revolves around the affection and connection that exists between a father and his son. She spent months working with illustrator Christian Robinson on the book’s release, which will be published by Random House.

However, Meghan’s greatest British critic, Piers Morgan, challenged the book’s theme, claiming that the duchess has a strained friendship with her own father and half-siblings. Meghan “ruthlessly disowned” her own family, according to Morgan, who were not welcomed to her royal wedding with Prince Harry in 2018.

Morgan also suspected the Duchess of Sussex of “exploiting” her royal ties, citing Meghan’s official designation — Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex — on the cover of The Bench. Meghan has abandoned their promise to the queen not to use their title for business ventures, according to the TV host, who believes the former TV actress secured the book deal because of her title. The Duchess of Sussex did not say if the selling money would go to charity.

Meanwhile, several defended Markle after Averiss refuted all comparisons between her book and the duchess’.

“So fast to spread false information. The original author is defending Meghan. I cannot wait to buy her book.”

“The original author has reviewed the book and says it’s nothing like hers. It must be sad to hate someone you’ve never met, who has never done a thing to you, so much that you go out of your way to spread lies about her. Get a life of your own. It might help.”

“You freaking troll. The author just dismissed that tabloid intent to smear Meghan. There is no similarity. I hope Meghan sues you though. For extreme idiocy!”

The Bench offers readers an insight into mutual and lifelong moments amongst a diverse community of fathers and sons, according to Penguin Random House, moments of harmony and contemplation, faith and conviction, exploration and growth, and lasting warmth.

Meghan will also be the audiobook’s narrator.

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