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Meghan Markle ignored Camilla’s advice on how to live royal life



Meghan Markle ignored Camilla’s advice on how to live royal life


Meghan Markle allegedly disregarded Camilla Parker Bowles’ guidance on how to handle negative press coverage.

Camilla asked Meghan to a private lunch before her wedding to Prince Harry to discuss how she had been hounded by the press following Princess Diana’s death and how she had dealt with the stress.

The Duchess of Cornwall advised Markle to concentrate on the positives and “ride out the storm” of bad publicity.

Last year, Meghan alleged in an ITV program that her in-laws were unsupportive.

‘Meg was really grateful to Camilla who was very supportive and invited her out for private lunches, particularly around the time of her marriage,’ a friend of Meghan’s recalled.

‘She listened to her and understood that it’s really difficult joining the Royal Family from an otherwise ‘normal’ life.


‘Much like Meghan, Camilla had experienced a lot of negative press and hostility from courtiers due to her relationship with Charles when he was still married to Diana.

‘She was very sensitive to Meghan and provided her with support, advising her to ride out the storm and that it would all pass – but ultimately Meghan didn’t listen.’

Camilla was blamed for the breakup of Charles’ marriage and faced significant condemnation after Princess Diana’s death in 1997.

According to the Mail on Sunday, Prince Charles, who is no stranger to controversy, gave Harry the same counsel.

“She was very sensitive to Meghan and provided her with support, advising her to ride out the storm and that it would all pass – but ultimately Meghan didn’t listen,” the friend said.

Camilla took Kate out to lunch when she married Prince William in 2013 to give similar support and advise.

According to a palace aide: “The Duchess of Cornwall does understand what it’s like to come from a normal life and then land in the completely extraordinary world that the royal family exist in.

“As a consequence, she tries very hard to make people welcome and help them find their feet, and has done so for many years.

“Her consciously offering to mentor and guide is something that she really does try and do. That applies to many people, not just the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex.”

Meghan is said to have felt betrayed by her sister-in-law, despite Kate offering Meghan support from her own staff and telling her, ‘Feel free to call me, I’m here for you.’

According to the Sunday Mirror, Harry and Meghan have raved over the Queen and the Commonwealth in an attempt to build bridges.

Last summer, Harry and Meghan quit the Royal Foundation to start their own non-profit organization.

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  1. Chassummer

    August 15, 2021 at 1:10 pm

    The difference between these relationships is that Camilla married Charles for love and Kate married William for love. In contrast MM clearly didn’t love Harry, she was too busy looking at how she could become a celebrity Royal after she had married a Prince. A lifetime of service and a comfortable life with the sixth was not good enough. Her Royal connection and aspiration of Hollywood stardom was the price, so off she popped to Los Angeles with a Prince in tow. They set up a Royal Foundation (failed), and then set up another Archewell and registered the foundation in Delaware, a state where it is written in Law for Founders to help themselves to grab 95% for and hand over 5% to the Charity intended. Delaware – 2860 miles from Montecito and which has no connection to them. A lifetime of service to the Harkles is taking what you can from the poor and disadvantaged via a Foundation, always trading on their Royal connection and yet at the same time trashing the British Royal Institution because they didn’t get everything they wanted.

  2. Julieta Toledo

    August 16, 2021 at 7:00 am

    You should have asked PH..
    Lots of intrigues you got.

  3. Stuart Davies

    August 17, 2021 at 11:54 am

    The Manipulator Narc will NEVER ‘hear’ advice. They have an uncheckable agenda.
    I should know, I was married to one that should have had 666 tattooed on her forehead.

  4. Susan DuBray

    August 28, 2021 at 3:15 am

    I just hope, she doesn’t ruin his life. She sure had her own agenda, and possessed, the beauty, and manipulation power, to fully entrance Prince Harry. His brother got her number, pretty quick, hence the family breakdown. With her ego, I’m sure she expected everyone to be mesmerized by her intellect and beauty. Most were for awhile. I’m still waiting to see her selfless, charitable heart, that was her hooking angle. They sure look like they enjoy their riches.

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