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Jennifer Aniston finally forgives her father for abandoning her

Actress Jennifer Aniston with her father John Aniston at Jennifer Aniston Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame on February 22, 2012 in Hollywood, California


Jennifer Aniston finally forgives her father for abandoning her


Jennifer required years of therapy to deal with the abandonment issues she had as a child when her father, John Aniston, abandoned her.

And while they may not have gotten along in the past, the Coronavirus epidemic appears to have brought them together decades later. The Morning Show star is said to have reunited with her father in the midst of the outbreak.

“Jen forgave her father for walking out a long time ago. But their relationship has had its ups and downs,” an insider revealed.

“Jennifer didn’t speak to him for ages. But since the coronavirus crisis she has been on the phone almost every day.”

Jennifer Aniston posted this image on her Instagram page of herself and father John

“And not just brief conversations. It’s like she has realised life is very short and she wants her relationship with John to be the best it can be.


“He’s thrilled that they have reconciled,” the insider continued.

In 1979, John Aniston allegedly abandoned his wife and 10-year-old Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston was quoted in the Daily Mail talking about her past, saying, “I went to a birthday party, and when I came back, my mother said, ‘Your father’s not going to be around here for a little while.’ She didn’t say he was gone forever. I don’t know if I blocked it, but I just remember sitting there, crying, not understanding that he was gone.”

John called his daughter after a year away and offered her to see a movie with him. Aniston consented to accompany her father, and she was torn between feelings.

John told Jennifer Aniston everything during their reunion. He also expressed regret to his daughter. Aniston and her father had another falling out shortly after they restored their relationship.

Jen also had a tense relationship with her mother, Nancy, whom she had been separated from for 15 years after releasing a memoir about her daughter and didn’t even invite to her marriage to Brad Pitt in 2000.

By the time Nancy died in 2016, the two had reconciled, but Jennifer recalled: ‘She was a model and it was all about presentation and what she looked like and what I looked like.

‘I did not [become] the model child she’d hoped for. This little girl just wanted to be loved by a mum who was too occupied with things that didn’t quite matter. She was very critical of me.’

The source said Aniston’s relationship with her father has been equally fraught: ‘They have gone through long periods where Jen didn’t talk to him. John’s a proud man but not emotional. He’s never understood how volatile Jen’s emotions have been.

‘But since the coronavirus crisis she’s been an amazing daughter. He says she’s calling constantly to check on him. They obviously can’t see each other but they have spoken more in the past few weeks than they ever have.’

John Aniston is also an actor who has portrayed Victor Kiriakis in the drama series Days Of Our Lives since 1985.

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