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Hollywood’s woke movement suffers a major blow at the box office


Hollywood’s woke movement suffers a major blow at the box office


The box office has seen a string of failures in recent times, and the latest news for Hollywood elites is no different.

The underperformance of Oscar bait films, such as Black Panther and Wakanda Forever, has driven the box office to its second worst weekend of the year.

With a total of only $38 million collected over the Friday, Saturday and Sunday weekend, this marks a significant decrease from the previous year.

In contrast, there was a time when Oscar films were considered some of the best movies of the year. A prime example being “Return of the King,” which won the Best Picture award.

However, the quality of these films has declined in recent years, leading to a decrease in the number of people who are interested in seeing them in theaters.

Despite the success of films like Spider-Man No Way Home and Top Gun Maverick, the entertainment industry has not been willing to admit the real reasons behind the declining box office numbers.


The industry continues to blame the pandemic, despite the fact that Top Gun Maverick has been playing in theaters for months and is still drawing crowds.

This unwillingness to admit the truth has become even more apparent with the recent news that Universal Studios’ animated films have outgrossed Disney’s films at the box office for the past three years.

This is a major blow for Disney, which has become known for its embrace of the woke movement in recent years.

Disney’s refusal to back down from its woke stance has led to the company becoming a discredited brand.

With Universal Studios consistently beating Disney at the box office, it is clear that people are growing tired of the woke nonsense coming from Hollywood.

As the holiday season approaches, and the world emerges from the pandemic, the box office is likely to continue to struggle.

With no wide theatrical releases and the second lowest box office weekend of the year, Hollywood is facing a significant challenge.

Critics have pointed out that Hollywood continues to use the same narrative and excuse time and time again.

Despite this, the industry has not shown any signs of changing its approach.

It is worth noting that the rise of Universal Studios has been due in large part to its animation films.

The success of these films serves as a reminder that people are looking for lighthearted and enjoyable movies, rather than the woke nonsense that Hollywood has been offering.

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