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Kirstie Alley vows to expose Hollywood


Kirstie Alley vows to expose Hollywood


Actor Kirstie Alley has taken to Twitter with a promising message that could shake Hollywood to its core.

After trending on the social media platform, Alley hinted at the possibility of exposing some key players in the industry.

The tweet comes after Alley faced criticism regarding her views on the conflict in Ukraine, to which she stated that she will not be commenting as she cannot determine what is real or fake.

In her tweet, Alley wrote, “Almost time to take off the gloves. I have a courtesy policy to not publicly reveal secrets about other celebrities, but I’m done with the public lies and covert jabs. And not so covert.”

This statement has sparked excitement and anticipation among the public, who are eager to learn the truth about some of the prominent figures in Hollywood.

However, Alley followed up her initial tweet with a cautionary message, saying, “Don’t get too excited. There are only two, but two too many, nevertheless.

One shoots her mouth off and has an IQ of about 75, and the other one, like you, likes you to think he’s a hero.”

The tweet has left many speculating about the identity of these two individuals and the nature of the secrets Alley plans to reveal.

Alley is known for her conservative and libertarian views, which have often put her at odds with the Hollywood elite.

With her announcement, she has become the talk of the town, and many are eager to hear what she has to say.

Some in the industry are already nervous, while others are excited to hear what she has to say.

In response to Alley’s tweet, a person wrote, “did you mean courtesy or courtesy? Learn to spell before making a bigger if of yourself.”

To which, Alley replied, “if.” This exchange has only added to the anticipation and speculation surrounding Alley’s announcement.

At the moment, not much is known about the details of what Alley plans to reveal.

Nevertheless, her announcement has become the topic of discussion among the public and the media, who are closely monitoring the situation.

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