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Harry, Meghan make ‘breathtaking’ offer to meet the Queen



Harry, Meghan make ‘breathtaking’ offer to meet the Queen


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have made an audacious request to meet with Queen Elizabeth II.

It comes after “olive branch” calls home after the Oprah chatroom squabble.

Meghan Markle’s visit to the UK would be her first since the royal pair defected to the United States and openly attacked the royal family in an explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey.

According to the source, the cause is actually rather sweet: Harry and Meghan want to introduce Queen Elizabeth II to Lilibet. The pair said last month that they wanted Lilibet to be baptized at Windsor Castle and meet her namesake grandma. However, it appears that they are already taking steps to make that happen. That seems like a fantastic reason to get the whole family together! Everyone adores infants!

According to The Sun, the couple has requested a meeting with Queen Elizabeth and wish to arrange a Windsor Castle christening for their baby daughter, Lilibet, who bears her name.

The family was taken aback by the offer, according to Palace insiders, which comes after Harry and Meghan slammed them on several occasions and speculation that the Queen had “lawyered up” as her grandson prepares to pen a revealing biography.

“Harry and Meghan have made this offer but a lot of people are shocked by the sheer nerve of it,” a source said.

“They may genuinely want to see the Queen, but given what they’ve put her through this year, it’s breathtaking.”

“Her Majesty’s staff have not responded so far. In fact there has also been discussion about Christmas — and whether an invitation should be sent to Harry and Meghan, after they spurned one last year.

“The Queen is still very fond of Harry, and would love to see Lilibet and her brother Archie.

“But courtiers are surprised by the move, especially from Meghan, after what has happened.”

In June, Palace insiders disclosed that the Sussexes had not sought the Queen’s permission before naming their baby girl Her Majesty’s nickname.

In April, Harry traveled to the United Kingdom alone to attend the burial of his grandfather, Prince Philip.

Harry met The Queen personally twice during his trip, according to biographer Omid Scobie.


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  1. Norma Hornby

    September 7, 2021 at 9:49 pm

    In my opinion Prince Harry and Meghan have realised that their popularity in the U.K. and in the US has plummeted and a recent opinion poll places Harry on par with Prince Andrew: I believe that their request to take their new daughter to meet the Queen is based on two reasons: Harry is filming a programme on the Invictus Games with Netflix and because he and Meghan have so far undelivered on their Netflix contract, he is trying to capitalise on this visit to the Queen by inviting the film crew to film inside the Palace. He is trying to capitalise on the fact that the Queen and his as yet unseen daughter will add weight to the film footage. I also believe that Harry and Meghan are beginning to realise the the Queen means business when she says that she has instructed lawyers to explore taking action against this pair of reprobates and given that Piers Morgan has won his case and Prince Willian and the Duchess of Cambridge are considering moving to Windsor Castle, they have realised that they are real losers as far as the U.K. is concerned. They might well be trying to integrate back into the Royal Family. Hopefully the combination of the risk of Covid infecting the Queen and the fact that it is not safe to bring two young children on the long flight to the U.K. will enable the Royal Family seniors and advisers to reject their proposed visit without causing further animosity.

  2. Cathlene P Berry

    October 10, 2021 at 3:56 am

    I wish no harm on anyone but I truly hope that the queen and palace will not honor their request. After all they have said and done against the RF they should not be granted empathy or permission for the baptism or an invite to Christmas. They want privacy, let them be private at Montecito, CA.

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