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Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is ‘rare’ and more impressive than Kate Middleton’s

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Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring is ‘rare’ and more impressive than Kate Middleton’s


The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Eugenie both have gorgeous engagement rings.

However, it turns out that Princess Eugenie’s sapphire ring is really more rare and stunning to jewelry experts.

Jack Brooksbank proposed to Princess Eugenie with a pink sapphire engagement ring
Credit: AFP

The one-of-a-kind pink stone is surrounded by diamonds, giving the ring the impression of a dazzling flower.

The sapphire, known as “lotus blossom,” is one of the most valuable in the world, estimated at about £7,000 by experts.

When Princess Eugenie’s engagement ring was initially shown, many people remarked on how similar it was to the engagement ring given to her mother, Sarah Ferguson, by Prince Andrew in the 1980s.


Princess Eugenie’s Padparadscha sapphire is between 2.5- 3 carats, and its surrounding halo of 10 round and 2 pear cut diamonds weighs in at 2.5.

The padparadscha sapphire, known as ‘lotus blossom’ is one of the rarest in the world

And, while we might believe Kate’s beautiful ring was more expensive and precious because Prince William is our future king, that isn’t strictly the case.

Meanwhile, Kate’s ring is a beautiful blue gem surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds, with an 18-carat white gold setting.

Kate Middleton also has a sapphire engagement ring
Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd

According to crystal lovers, the ring has a variety of qualities that it bestows on the wearer.

Sophie Lomax, head of design at, told the Express : “Princess Eugenie’s ring features an oval cut padparadscha sapphire encircled with a cluster of pear-shaped diamonds.

“Padparadscha sapphires are typically found in Sri Lanka and are one of the rarest colour of sapphire, being a beautiful and unique mix of pink and orange.”

While Kate’s blue sapphire isn’t as rare, its charming history makes it more unique, and it definitely looks lovely.

While Kate’s sapphire is not technically as rare, its sweet history makes it extremely special
Credit: Rex Features

Jewels for Me claims: “Padparadscha is a gentle stone with enormous energy that is said to have many positive attributes.

“It is a stone that represents joy, vital energy and foresight. It can help the wearer make enormous changes, helping him come close to achieving his life goals.

“It removes the many resistances to change the wearer may have, replacing this resistance with clarity. With this newfound clarity, the wearer can achieve a much-needed calm.

“This calm helps him understand the root of his problems, allowing for a much needed change. With this calmness, it is also easier for the wearer to trust himself, which is freeing.”

It cost £28,000 when Prince Charles purchased it in 1981, and it is now worth over £85,000 new.

The statement item was given to Prince William by a selfless Prince Harry in 2010, who inherited it.

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