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Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t like being told she’s not the only powerful woman,’ her ego was left ‘raging’

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Meghan Markle ‘doesn’t like being told she’s not the only powerful woman,’ her ego was left ‘raging’


During Fortune’s virtual summit, the Duchess of Sussex exhibited signals that she ‘doesn’t like being told she’s not the only powerful woman,’ according to a body language expert.

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry gave a passionate address encouraging people to vote in the US election.

Meghan claimed she pays no attention to public “flattery or criticism” and attacked the media for “misinterpreting” her words, according to the Daily Mail. She spoke from her Santa Barbara mansion.

Body language expert Bruce Durham, speaking to The Mirror, feels that not all elements of the royal’s interview were genuine.

He claims Meghan showed signs of discomfort as soon as Fortune senior editor Ellen McGirt reminded her she’s “not the only powerful woman involved in this equation.”

“She doesn’t receive it like that, she receives it as a threat,” Durham explained. “Up until then the interviewer is still heaping praise on Meghan.”


“She does three things to let you know her ego is raging. She brushes her hair, she’s reframing herself. She wants to be seen as the powerful woman. Her ego springs into life.

“Lots of eye blocks, she wants to be the person in the room. Watch her throat, tightening of the throat, it’s an animalistic reaction. She does not like hearing she’s not the only powerful equation.”

Meghan’s use of the word ‘authentic’ on several occasions, according to Bruce, is another evidence that she is attempting to emphasize her authenticity.

Meghan emphasized that she doesn’t pay attention to anything spoken about her, whether it’s nice or negative.

Bruce says: “There’s the shrug of the lips, that doesn’t indicate positive. The eye blocks kick in. Then a third thing is that she looks down. Down is not a good place, it’s negative, afraid.

“Then she introduces her own critique. She says she’s received criticism for being controversial in the past. She’s trying to get across that she isn’t controversial.

“Then she goes on to say what she’s said that’s been labelled as controversial. She says if you look at what I’ve said – and looks left so is recollecting – but then there’s a series of eye blocks and a lip shrug.

“This means there is not full positivity – she isn’t happy at all.

“The really interesting bit is when she says it’s not controversial. She has what’s called a ‘switch of the head pattern’, a shake of the head goes with no.

“She shakes her head as she’s trying to stay positive – it just naturally doesn’t go. I want to know what’s going on in her head as she says ‘it’s not controversial’.”

The remarks came after another body language expert, Judi James, told The Express that when Prince Harry met LA runners, he used ‘guru-style’ body language and ‘waggled his hands.’

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