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When Fox News Mistakenly used Kamala Harris photo in Story About Registered Sex Offender

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When Fox News Mistakenly used Kamala Harris photo in Story About Registered Sex Offender


Fox News issued an apology after two images of Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., were shown during a news alert on a registered sex offender suspected of killing a student at the University of Utah.

In its first piece on the subject, Fox switched to images of Harris instead of a mugshot of the 37-year-old suspect, Melvin Rowland. It later apologized for the error and updated the video.

The event occurred during a Fox News anchor Jillian Mele’s quick news report, which used stock photos of Harris.

The television network re-aired the report 45 minutes later, this time with the right photos of the suspect, after social media users pointed out the error and shared footage of the piece.

“Now in an earlier version of this story, we showed you the wrong video, “During the broadcast, Jillian Mele of Fox News stated.

“We showed you pictures of Sen. Kamala Harris instead of Melvin Rowland’s mugshot. We apologize for that error.”


A student was shot and killed outside a dorm at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, according to the original report.

Rowland is accused of murdering Lauren McCluskey, a track and field athlete at the University of Utah, in a vehicle on campus.

Rowland has never attended the school.

According to a statement given by the victim’s mother, McCluskey, 21, and Rowland dated briefly before she found that Rowland had lied about his identity, age, and criminal background. Rowland had allegedly harassed McCluskey following their split, according to McCluskey’s police report.

Previously seen as a less important component of the Fox News schedule, “Fox & Friends” took on a new significance in the Trump era. Before becoming president, the real estate mogul came into the show on a daily basis to peddle conspiracy theories like his famous “birther” claim that President Obama was born in Kenya.

Trump continued to watch the event from the White House, tweeting show highlights and talking points to his 50 million Twitter followers. He still phoned in to comment on the events of the day.

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