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Meghan and Harry deny ‘reigniting rift’ with Queen over racism claims

An algorithm says Meghan’s face is more trustworthy than the Queen’s. Photo / Getty Images


Meghan and Harry deny ‘reigniting rift’ with Queen over racism claims


Lawyers for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle denied the couple had ‘reignited a rift’ with her after an updated biography stated the Sussexes believe the Queen has failed to respond to their claims of racism.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be dissatisfied with how the Palace handled bombshell racism allegations made in their interview with Oprah, believing Her Majesty did not take “full ownership”

The new information is revealed in an epilogue to Harry and Meghan’s book, Finding Freedom.

According to the statement, they were offended by the Queen’s carefully written statement following their March appearance with Oprah Winfrey, in which she showed sympathy for the pair but emphasized that ‘some recollections may vary.’

However, a close friend of the couple claimed in a new interview with PEOPLE magazine that they were frightened of “challenging the system.”

Following the Oprah interview, Prince William told reporters that the royal family was “very much not a racist family” and that he had yet to talk to his estranged brother. The Sussexes were reportedly dissatisfied with Buckingham Palace’s official response, according to the revised edition of Finding Freedom.

Meghan informed the US TV presenter that before Archie was born, a member of the Royal Family asked about his skin color.

Prince Harry and Meghan were reportedly nervous about sitting down with Oprah, but felt compelled to do it since they had no other option.

Their legal team at Schillings informed MailOnline that claiming the pair had ‘reignited a rift’ with the Queen – or suggesting or implying that they have made any remarks to that effect – is untrue and defamatory.

The attorneys said that there had been no fresh developments on the subject and that the assertions were made by the book’s writers, Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand, who did not speak for the Sussexes and relied on anonymous sources.

The writers of the book, which the Sussexes have long claimed was written without their collaboration or help, stated that Harry and Meghan can’t “move forward” because of a lack of accountability on the side of the Royal Family.

As they begin their new “thrive” chapter, the couple reportedly to have no regrets about their decision.

Their buddy told PEOPLE, “What started as a fairytale romance became a story that reinvented the genre – a self-made, independent woman playing an equal role alongside her knight.”

Mr Scobie also tried to clarify the situation, tweeting: ‘Back at this rodeo and, predictably, words are already being twisted. The comments made by a SOURCE (a detail some outlets have purposefully ignored) was about a lack of ownership from the royal institution as a whole. There’s no ‘attack’ against the Queen anywhere in the book.’

Joint authors Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand have updated their book and wrote: “The Queen’s ‘recollections may vary’ comment ‘did not go unnoticed’ by the couple, who a close source said were ‘not surprised’ that full ownership was not taken. ‘Months later and little accountability has been taken’, a pal of Meghan added. ‘How can you move forward with that?’”

Omid Scobie stated in the same piece that the “thriving” pair is “really excited” about the hectic schedule ahead once their parental leave ends.

MailOnline claimed that a revised edition of Finding Freedom said that Harry and Meghan had no regrets about leaving the United Kingdom, as well as making shocking claims accusing the Royal Family of bigotry. The book now covers Harry’s trip to the UK in April for his grandpa Prince Philip’s funeral, and claims that he purchased a one-way ticket so that he could talk to his family without the involvement of staff.


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  1. Patricia Corbett

    August 23, 2021 at 4:49 am

    I wonder if too much is being made of a comment that may be anything but racist. For the Queen’s generation, could there not be concerns that a child of mixed parentage might not be accepted? This could be a wonderful ‘educational’ opportunity for anyone…re: accepting children of varying cultural and/or ethnic backgrounds. The Queen has presented herself many times over as a gracious, intelligent woman who takes her responsibilities seriously. These children (Archie and Lilli) would, I believe, be firstly great-grandchildren, and then ‘royal family members’. Children will follow parental leadership, and if acceptance is desired, then the parents will need to model that. The Queen, Prince Charles, and other family members have to take their work home with them. Their lives are not private and the decisions they make and model have influence for many, many people. Monarchy has evolved and changed over time, but she remains more than a figurehead. She is in the public eye and those involved with the monarchy are also in the public eye. I do not understand how someone can be totally independent of the responsibilities of the monarchy and retain the privileges. The part about ‘living happily ever after’ may be the biggest fairy tale of all. Everyone has problems and tears to cry. The Queen, and in many ways her family, has not just her own tears, but those of the nation she heads. It seems that she would have enough to deal with world-wide, especially during a pandemic, as a recent widow (grieving does not end the morning after the memorial), and as true head of her own family. It is not the role of a ‘grand daughter-in-law’ to revamp and reorganize the family she marries into. If Harry were not the son of Prince Charles and Princess/Lady Diana, would we ever have heard of him? Would he have the roles he was most likely groomed from early childhood to fill? It is very sad that we are hearing more about the woman who married the Queen’s grandson than we are about the woman who has ‘led’ her country since she was still an adolescent (I understand that neurobiological research has led scientists to conclude that the brain reaches maturity about age 25 for women and age 28 for men.)Meghan Markle appears to be trying to build on the place of the Royal Family in the world, and take credit which would be due to the roles and position of the family, especially the Queen.It will be interesting to look back on these happenings in 5 or 10 years…does it really matter that Archie and Lilli may have a darker shade to their skin? Genetics may be important in terms of vulnerability to disease…e.g. sickle cell disease, but who can predict the state of future politics and the best person to fill the role of Monarch?

  2. Cath

    February 5, 2022 at 6:23 pm

    The O interview was filled with lies and misrepresented. Lucky the RF did not take legal action against them. Finding Freedom has now been admitted to now in court to be filled with information coming directly from H&M…lies again.
    “Recollections may vary “ was the kindest response possible! RF lucky to be rid of them.

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