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Queen could withdraw Meghan and Harry’s Platinum Jubilee invitation over tell-all memoir



Queen could withdraw Meghan and Harry’s Platinum Jubilee invitation over tell-all memoir


In the wake of her grandson’s new tell-all book, the Queen may withdraw Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s invitation to her Platinum Jubilee, according to analysts.

The Queen had hoped that time would heal family scars and had contacted the couple to invite them to her ceremonial birthday procession, Trooping the Colour, in June next year.

Harry’s choice to publish a book during the Jubilee year was viewed as “deeply disrespectful” and “clearly deliberate,” according to royal insiders who talked to Daily Mail royal reporter Rebecca English.

Insiders say it may be ‘the last straw’ for Harry and his family, whose ties are already frayed.

“Her Majesty has been at great pains to try to keep her relationship with her grandson and his family separate from the decisions she needs to make professionally, so to speak. And the invitation for them to join her next year was a genuine one,” a source says. “Although things have been very difficult, there was a small, but enduring hope that enough time would have elapsed for things to heal. But the feeling internally [now] is that this book will be the last straw. It’s emerged that Harry has been secretly working on it for some time and he has made clear that he and his ghostwriter (journalist and novelist J R Moehringer) will leave no stone unturned. The suggestion he could even be seen with his family again in the future is looking increasingly implausible. A lot of people suspect this is the end of the road.”

‘To bring out the book in the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is being seen as deeply disrespectful. There will be a whole year of celebrations… yet it will now be characterised by a drip-feed of revelations, serialisations and, eventually, publication,’ said another insider.

‘It doesn’t matter what reassurances he tries to give his family about what will be in it. The Oprah interview proved how hollow those words can be.’

In the book, Harry promises to give a “first-hand account of my life that’s accurate and wholly truthful.” It will be published late next year.

The Royal Family is completely focused on making 2022 a joyful celebration, since the Queen will become the first British monarch to reach 70 years on the throne, but they are now worried that Harry, and any bombshell discoveries, will overshadow everything.

The royal sources seem to be exaggerating, particularly given a separate insider tells Page Six that Harry’s book is not intended to intentionally harm his family and that he just wants to tell the truth.

It comes as friends of Harry’s father, Prince Charles, told the Mirror that the future king thinks his son is at a “crossroads”

It also comes after ‘insiders’ accused Harry of ‘blindsiding’ the Royal Family by revealing his book to them just moments before the rest of the public.

The book is expected to provide further insight on why Harry and Meghan left the Firm last year.

The Sussexes have inked multimillion-dollar commercial deals with Netflix and Spotify since moving to California last year, while Harry has taken on numerous positions with private businesses.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Weather

    July 25, 2021 at 8:46 pm

    We ALREADY KNOW why they left? What more is there to add? More lies and innuendos? I have a solution. The media STOP mentioning Harry’s stupid book, quit all the guessing and claims of what might be in the book and how the royal family is acting, and how this is going to affect the Jubilee next year. If you all are in favor of the Queen, then, for God’s sake, STOP PUBLISHING and GUESSING WHAT’S GOING ON WITH THE BLOODY BOOK,ANYTHING TO DO WITH HARRY AND HIS WIFE AND SUPPOSED CHILDREN, JUST ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEM!! Its not rocket science for crying out loud. They want their privacy, then, doggone it, GIVE IT TO THEM!!!!!! Stop taking money to publish their stories. Do the right thing.

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