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Princess Diana felt ‘inferior’ and ‘insecure’ with Prince Charles

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Princess Diana felt ‘inferior’ and ‘insecure’ with Prince Charles


Because of Charles’ behavior, Princess Diana felt “ignored everywhere she went,” according to Andrew Morton.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles married after dating for a few months, they barely met 13 times before deciding to marry.

According to reports, on decision by the future King’s condemned their marriage.

The world is well aware of Princess Diana and Prince Harry’s turbulent marriage, but the specifics of her treatment inside the royal family remain mostly unknown.

While the Prince of Wales was already 33, his wife was just 20 years old. Despite the age difference, many people believed their marriage was ideal. Their 1981 wedding was even described as a fantasy, ideal wedding by the public. Unfortunately for the shippers, the marriage did not work out for either party.

The pair experienced one of the world’s most publicized relationships, yet accusations of infidelity on both sides dogged the Prince and Princess of Wales throughout their time together. They married in 1981, but less than a decade later declared the end of their marriage. The couple separated in 1996, a year before Diana sadly died in a car accident in Paris.


According to newly discovered records, the Princess of Wales was often made to feel “inferior” and “insecure” while married to the future King of England.

Their first child, Prince William, was born a year into their marriage. Prince Harry came two years later.

While they seemed to be a wonderful family at first, this did not appear to last.

But, while their romance was being played out in front of millions of people across the world, Diana was forced to deal with the demands of marriage and the Royal Family.

In his 1992 book Diana: Her True Story, Andrew Morton recounted how she had aroused worry among some of her acquaintances following the manner she was treated in her marriage by her own husband. He went on to say that the princess felt “ignored everywhere she went.”

“Diana would, for example, never contemplate making any input into any of his special interests such as architecture, the environment or agriculture.”

“Painful experience tells her that any suggestions would be treated with ill-disguised contempt ‘He makes her feel intellectually insecure and inferior and constantly reinforces that message,’” a close friend told Morton.

“When Charles took his wife to see A Woman of No Importance when he celebrated his 43rd birthday, the irony was not lost on her friends.”

They stated that it was obvious since the late Princess felt the same way throughout their marriage.

Despite her unwavering devotion to her boys, Diana was shaken by reports that Charles had been having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, whom he would eventually marry in 2005.

According to reports, Charles and Diana married in a conventional Church of England ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral, which was a “fairytale wedding” that reached a worldwide audience of 750 million people.

Mr Morton also alleged that Diana’s sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Baroness Jane Fellowes, reacted with “envy” and “concern” before her marriage to Charles.

The couple split up in 1992, and their divorce was finalized in 1996.

Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and Prince Andrew divorced after a similar collapse in their marriage.

The wedding of the Yorks was viewed by over 500 million people worldwide, generating media adoration in the United States, with the Duchess’ impact on the Royal Family called “Fergie Fever” by the New York Times.

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