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Prince Harry treating hair loss at prestigious London clinic

Picture: AFP


Prince Harry treating hair loss at prestigious London clinic


According to The Sun on Sunday, the Duke of Sussex, 35, recently had hair thickening therapy at the famed Philip Kingsley Trichological Clinic.

In recent years, Harry, like his brother, Prince William, and his father, Prince Charles, has suffered with thinning thatch.

It comes after rumors that Prince Harry and Meghan declined an offer to present Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

According to a source, “Harry’s visit caused a real stir.”

Meghan, 38, also went to the facility before her wedding to Prince Harry in May 2018.

“This company is so prestigious. It’s one of the best places in the world. It’s got a whole range of different treatment plans.”


“The richest, most famous and well-connected use it. The meeting with Harry went well.”

Dr. Asim Shahmalak, a transplant surgeon, revealed in 2019 that the thinning hair on the royal’s crown had risen substantially as the Duke of Sussex juggled royal obligations and parenting.

He also feels Harry may have been pressured by his wife Meghan to correct his hair loss.

He said: ‘She was a Hollywood actress in her former career so she knows very well the value of looking good.

‘A lot of my clients come due to subtle pressure applied by their partners who would rather not be dating a bald man.’

Dr Shahmalak, whose clientele include Calum Best and Dr Christian Jessen, created a rendering of Harry at 50 if his present rate of hair loss continues.

He said: ‘Harry’s baldness was slower to take off but now he is catching up his brother fast, particularly in the crown area. His bald patch has doubled in size in the last two years and sadly his baldness is accelerating fast.

‘He is losing his hair at the same sort of rate that Prince William lost his in his 20s. The baldness gene in the Windsor family is extremely aggressive.

Meanwhile, despite their retirement as royals, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are still living the good life.

Baldness runs in the family: Prince Philip is bald, and Prince Harry’s uncle, Prince Andrew, has also suffered from hair loss.

Though Prince Charles’ hair is still intact, Harry’s brother, Prince William, has long battled baldness and began losing his hair in his twenties.

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